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Chris Klinzing 04-16-2009 04:01 PM

Wall heaters keep running
I have 5 walls heaters connected to 1 thermostat that heat my living room, dining room, kitchen & family room. Last week the heaters all of a sudden would not stop running no matter what the setting on the thermostat, even 40 degrees. I replaced the thermostat with a new one but they still just keep running, wiil not shut off. The only way I can shutting them off is by stutting off the breakers.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thank You

glennjanie 04-16-2009 08:02 PM

Welcome Chris:
The thermostat wire may be shorted somewhere along the line. Check it with an ohmmeter for continuity.

triple D 04-17-2009 12:03 AM

hey neighbor!
Welcome Chris...I'm hoping when you changed the thermostat you found some 18ga low voltage wire hooked to it? Five heaters should be on a relay in a closet or attic, and you probably had to turn off two or three breakers before they all shut off? I am just guessin here, maybe the relay is stuck, closed, (failed) let us know what you found out, with these things....

locknut 04-19-2009 06:01 AM

Did the heaters shut down when the thermostat was disconnected? If so, the aforementioned short circuit in the control leg is probable.

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