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CallMeVilla 03-14-2013 09:49 AM

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OK, JTeam, you have received great advice here. I know, you just want your house to function until you can get the $$$ for a full upgrade. My sense is you may have blown a wire somewhere --- and probably escaped a fire by raw luck. You need to trace your power from the box to the rest of the house (particularly where there is no power) to find the break (interruption).

A simple $15 device (picture below) and a lot of crawling in the attic can get you there.

It beeps/lights in the presence of electricity on the hot side (not the neutral). BE CAREFUL not to touch anything except the probe to the wire. Check from the box first to see that every leg is powered. If so, locate each feed wire in the attic to see which ones are powered and follow the trace. At some point, the circuit will no longer respond. In that area, your break or burned connection will be located -- possibly in a junction box or receptacle. In an old house, sloppy people may not have used a j-box -- only splicing wires and using tape.

Money well spent would be to get help doing this work. It might go faster and safer for you.

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