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toofast 01-17-2012 07:27 AM

Whole House Sub Panel Surge Protection
I have a basement remodel in father in law (who is an electrician, actually used to be, now 80 years old), anyways...he helped me install a secondary 60 amp sub panel to feed the entire basement.

The secondary panel is a GE panel. My circuits are all 20 amp with 12/2...yes I know, he likes overkill.

Anyways...I want to install a whole panel surge...but he/I am not 100% clear how this would work.

I've found one that fits my box
AC Power Surge Protector - GE PLUGIN - Product Information

My question is this...If I am ONLY concerned about protecting circuits on the SUB PANEL is this all I need. Meaning I install this in two open "bays" in the panel, connect it up and now the ENTIRE Sub Panel is protected ?

I've read that someone told me I have to install this first in line, meaning it has to be in the first two open bays in the panel ? This makes no sense as everything is interconnected...

Or do I have to somehow get a different surge that connects via the incoming 220's coming off the main panel (hope I explained this properly)

Hopefully I've addressed everything...any more details just ask!

kok328 01-17-2012 04:34 PM

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense just protecting the sub panel.
I would install this in the main panel and protect everything including the sub panel.
I agree, doesn't make sense that it has to be installed first in line as everything will surge unless the device is so quick that it will detect the surge at the top of the buss bar.
My advice is to purchase the device and follow the installation instructions.
No big deal if you have to move some breakers around to make it first in line.

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