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tiorunder 01-09-2010 09:10 AM

Wiring a cooktop HELP !!
Hey! Nice Forum you got going here!

Just bought a Frigidaire Stainless Steel cooktop to replace an ancient Jenn Aire unit. I need help wiring this thing.

The cable from the cooktop has three wires - Red, Black and Green coming out of a length of flexible conduit (Simple looking enough).

The supply end comes from a double breaker (I'm assuming 220). It is a rather large cable with 3 wires: 2 are black and the 3rd is bare and stranded. The sheath is marked "aluminum". This end is wired into the cooktop that I am replacing.

How do I make all of this come together ? Thank you all in advance.

John from NC

kok328 01-09-2010 10:44 AM

Hook up the wires as follows:
red to black
black to black
green to bare
Doesn't matter which black you use for red to black.
If the supply ends are aluminum wire and the stove is copper, you'll need to employ COPALUM connectors to prevent issues related to joining dissimilar metals (ask at the big box store) for the correct connectors and be sure to follow the installation instructions with these connectors.

There should be a box in the unit where these connections can be tucked away with a cover plate to enclose. Otherwise, buy your self a 4"x4" J-box w/cover plate and cable connectors for your own enclosure.

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