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Navop 08-23-2010 12:55 PM

Wiring Schematic Needed
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Im wiring a new bathroom, and I need help on wiring lights ceiling fan and 2 receptical.

I included a diagram to make things easier.

what I need is the following

What type of wire do I need to use (14-2, 12-3, etc..)
Where the wire go (14-2, 12-3)
What size breaker I need (15amp single or double)

In the diagram you will notice I boxed in the lights and switch to gether meaning that the switch will operate that set of lights


S1 = Switch 1 will operate lights L1-L3 (L= Light)
S2 = Switch 2 will operate lights L4-L5
S3 = Switch 3 will operate Ceiling Fan

plus 2 receptical live at all time one of them is a GFI which will control the 2 plugs

Thanks for all the help in advance

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