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dble_g2k 10-10-2007 11:08 AM

Wiring up range hoods and bathroom fans
Hi everyone,

Just as the title suggests I am trying to plan wiring up some range hoods and a bathroom fan in my extra apartments. Would it be better to bring in an electrician to rough it out for me? I've got next to no experience in this regard but am eager to give it a try myself. I don't even know how to locate existing circuits to tap into them!

Is this a hard job?

Thanks for your help!

glennjanie 10-10-2007 04:22 PM

Not hard at all. Power can be found above the light fixture in the bath and, possibly even hook it up with the switch, so that when the bath light is on the fan is also. Find the wires that go to the light (should be a black one and a white one) just hook the fan wires into them; black on black and white on white.
For the range hoods, you may need to look into a wall switch box or a receptacle nearby.

travelover 10-10-2007 06:35 PM

Home Depot has some pretty good basic DIY guides that you might find useful. Check out their basic wiring guide. Like Glenn said, it is not difficult, but if done wrong the consequences can be severe (fire / personal injury).

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