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Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations Please remember, all memberships to HouseRepairTalk are voluntary memberships. When you sign up for an account with, and use the HouseRepairTalk Forums, you agree to the following:

1. No posting of inappropriate/immoral/illegal material. (if you are unsure of exactly what this means, PM a moderator for clarity)

2. New members are encouraged to post an introduction containing a brief description of your DIY experience/history.

3. Strictly No Profanity.

4. Flamers* and Trolls* will be subject to immediate punishment up to and including being banned from the forum. Please choose your words carefully. We encourage debate but we also require you to behave and conduct yourself in a respectfully manner at all times.

5. Please use the search tool. Chances are that there is or was already a discussion covering your question/topic.

6. Please, no "txtr" or “l337” style typing. Abbreviations are acceptable for specific terms, such as CC, JD, MF, etc., and even the occasional lol or ROTFLMAO, but in the context of a conversation, please spell the words out. It helps to create a more readable and inviting forum experience for everyone.

7. Please use punctuation and proper sentence structure to make your post more legible to the rest of the readers.

8. Post in the correct section. We have multiple sub forums with specific topics. If you are unsure where your topic should be posted, PM one of the moderators for their suggestion.

9. Do not “Bump*” your threads more than once every 3 days. If the last post in your thread is your bump, or if you have bumped your thread within the last day, don’t bump it again. Excessive bumping may result in the locking or deleting of your thread.

10. Use the “Edit” feature to edit your posts when available. No need to post 3 or 4 updates in a row to the thread when you can edit your original post.

11. Post in a mature/sensible/respectful manner.

12. Make the title to your threads as descriptive as possible. Example "Something is wrong with my ___" could be "My _____ is doing _____.". This helps everyone help you.

13. No raffles or giveaways unless authorized by the Administration.

14. No use of "Google it", or "Try Searching". If it's a question that has been asked before, please answer it or direct them to the answer

15. No political or religious post.

16. No signature spamming. After you have posted 25 times to technical sections you will be allowed to link to your site through your signature.

Warnings may be given in a thread or via PM for infringements but moderators may/can/will ban a user without warning at their discretion depending on the infraction. This is not something we enjoy doing (ok, except for Spammers. They’re fun to ban…), but we want this forum to be a welcome place for people of all experience levels to share, learn, and grow. Dissidents will not be tolerated and will be removed.

Note: For clarification, the following definitions will be used:

Flamer: A person who deliberately makes inflammatory, derogatory, or slanderous posts or statements on the forums for the sole purpose of starting or feeding an argument.

Troll: A person who posts a deliberately provocative message to the forum with the intention of causing disruption and/or argument with or without contributing to the content of the thread.

Bump: Any post whose sole purpose is to “bump” the thread to the top of the index page and/or make the thread appear to have a new response to entice other members to revisit the page.