Five Steps to Organize Your Small Living Room

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The living room is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. And it is also the room to treat our guest. In order to leave a good impression on your guest, you need to keep your living room organized. Here are some steps to teach you how to create a comfortable, clean and tidy living room.

The first step: classify your home items in the living room

Before you start organizing your living room, first you need to so some work: classify the existing items. Facing all items, you can classify them by their functions: something for decorating, something for entertainment or others. You also can classify them by frequency of use. A good classification can ensure you easy to place them in order. And when packing up something, you can think about what it used for? If it is often used? Where to put it to make the room more beautiful and at the same time you can get it conveniently?


The second step is to pare down the stuff in living room.

After you having classified your home items, then comes to pare down the stuff in your home to make it have a more minimalist look. Selectively storing your items is important. You can store the not seasonal items in utility room. And throw away those long time not used items. For becoming beautiful, most girls are willing to lose weight. However, in order to make the room more beautiful, they may not be willing to throw away some not common used items. In fact, throwing away the unused items can save you much space in home to make the house clean and tidy.


The third step is to store your home items in their right place.

When we finish the upper two steps, we can begin to store our items. Do not pile down all the items in one place. You can place them according to your classification. Generally, there are two pieces of huge storage furniture in living room: TV cabinets and bookcases. You can take full use of them to store your large pieces of items.


The fourth step is to create more storage space in the room.

After arranging all the items well in the room, you may find there are no places for some small items. At this time, you can turn to some forgotten spaces. You can install a wooden shelf on a blank wall for your different small items, such as photo frame. The wooden shelf not only offer you space for storing things, but also add beauty to the wall.


The last step is to decorate your room.

Only organizing the room can not make the room comfortable and beautiful. You also need to decorate the room. You can buy some decorations for the room. But remember to consider the room space, color and your personal preference to choose decorations in proper size, style , material and functions.


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