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With the improvement of our living standards, more and more people start paying attention to the home decoration. If you decorated your home well, all of the audience will extol your high tastes. So choose the right decorating style is an important art for everyone. The first step of your decorating is picking the right theme for your home. Melodyhome show you some of the popular themes.

European and American modern style

Some of the people call it "light European style". His obvious characteristics are simple, abstract and bright. He often dresses by modular furniture with strong modern style. The color of this kind of style mainly use white or fashion color. It contains one or two kinds of color, normally not more than three. And often present with lump. Curtain, carpet and bed cover often use simple but elegant color. Dermatoglyphic pattern adopts two-dimension series or four-dimension series. He refuses baroque style's heavy and complication. Other decorating ornaments require color consistency and simple style. The lights mainly use warm color series.

Western classical style

This style shows noble and elegance. It gives people a feeling of splendid and magnificent. The most typical classical style is refers to European interior decorating style from 16th/17th century renaissance to late 17th and 18th century baroque and rococo style. He focus on lengthways interior decorating, including desk legs, chair back etc.

Japanese style

It is often used in small space rooms. Its decorating style is simple and elegance. The main component is the a little bit higher the ground Tatami platform. Japanese style short table with mat carpet, cloth or leather cushion etc. there are not too much decorating ornaments to modify the details. So, the room looks clean and tidy.

Chinese traditional classical style

He has double quality, that is, solemn and elegance. The best representatives are the decorations from "A Dream in Red Mansions". The whole house is mainly use dignified red color. The wall decorates with craft, calligraphy works etc. the ground use handy made carpet match with the classic sofa from Ming/Qing dynasty. Traditional style sofa and cushion add the modern man's simple so that it appears the gentle expression. For the light, he usually use wood made sculpt light, because Chinese traditional style stress wood made decorations. Surely, it is not enough. We should perfect him by adding other special decorating ornaments, such as tri-coloured glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty

Country style

He has the nature and wild flavor. It mainly creates a simplicity and primitive feeling. For example, put the rattan chair and some kites on the white wall.

Modern simple style

He focuses on its utility, holding the concept that little is enough. And he stresses the space shape and pendant's single and abstract. What's more, he pursues the depth and accuracy of material, technique and space. He often uses geometry elements (point, line, surface) to compose the furniture.

If you are not familiar with these styles, you can go to www.melodyhome.com for a deep learning. It will help you a lot for your interior decorating.

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January 10, 2015  •  03:13 AM
I like the modern simple style best: clear lines, simplicity, elegance... and it's actually practical.

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