How to Care For Wicker Outdoor Furniture

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Wicker is basically made of plant fibers and is commonly used in manufacturing furniture items and utility goods such as baskets and chests. Wicker is much lighter than wood and metal, thus is a preferred material for making outdoor furniture. Wicker outdoor furniture which is larger in size can also be lifted easily with one hand. It is also a very sturdy and durable material. Wicker also negates the influences of weather and is fairly easy to clean. The history of using wicker as a raw material to make furniture's can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Rome.

In our times, plastic fibers are also used to make wicker furniture for its increased flexibility. Companies are increasingly manufacturing furniture that is made of both plant and synthetic fibers to combine the advantages of both. Wicker pieces to make furniture are naturally more sturdy and stiff and come with strengthening frames. People buy wicker furniture for home because they make for a good home dcor addition and are also durable to use. Materials used to make wicker furniture are generally made from the inner core of cane or rattan stalks. In other instances, entire willow stems are used. However, rattan from South East Asia is easily the best material from making this variety of furniture.

For many wooden furniture means high maintenance and difficult to clean furniture. However, with wicker outdoor furniture this does not hold true. Following the easy steps mentioned below to clean your wicker outdoor furniture you will not only be able to maintain the furniture for a long time but will also be able to maintain its shine.

Cleaning regularly:

It is really important to clean wicker outdoor furniture regularly, just like any other furniture. Dirt and grime are a few things which may permanently damage wicker fibers. Make it a habit to clean furniture and items made of wicker at least once a month. These are easy to clean, as they are light in weight and are adjustable as well. Cleaning is easy and can be done with the help of a soft bristle brush. Cleaning solutions suitable for wood fibers can be used as well. Using a vacuum cleaner can be another option as you can clean the difficult to reach areas easily.

Deep cleaning:

Apart from regular cleaning once a month, the life of wicker outdoor furniture will be effectively prolonged if it is deep cleaned once a year. This can be done with a heavy nylon brush along with soap water. The furniture should be scrubbed systematically, especially in between the wicker weavings. The furniture should be showered gently with a garden hose to wash off all the soap and make it squeaky shiny clean. Leave the furniture to dry up in the sun.

Protection from direct sunlight:

Direct sunlight is harmful to the wicker furniture as it dries up the plant fibers, leaving them more vulnerable to damage due to dust and water. If wicker items are to be placed outside the home then the best choice is to cover them with cushions and keep them under shades or away from direct sunlight

Protection against severe weather:

Rain, snow, humidity and tropical storms all have a harmful effect on wicker fibers. It is advised to keep you furniture's indoors in case of any such weather conditions.

Using oil to polish: To retain the shine of your wicker outdoor furniture you could polish it with a little lemon oil. This can be done at least two times a year and you will be able to keep your wicker furniture shining as new.

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