How To Fix Nail Pops

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Nail pops are places in your wall where a drywall nail has popped up through the surface. Usually this occurs in very old drywall walls where nails were used. A quick solution seems to be to use a nail set and pound the nail back in and then fill in the depression. But this solution will not last since the nail will fairly easily pop back out. A more permanent solution is obtained by setting the nail in and then inserting two deck screws in such a way that the screw heads pull the nail head in a little more and hold it in, as shown in the photo below. Star-drive deck screws are suggested because the torque applied will often shear off a typical drywall screw.

After both the nail head and nearby screws have been set below the surface, fill in the depressions with either sand-able spackle or all-purpose joint compound that is applied and skimmed off with a drywall taping knife. If you use the joint compound, you will have to apply perhaps 3 thin coats since each coat will shrink in a little. Once the depressions have been filled, lightly sand with 220 grit sand paper, prime, and paint.
How To Fix Nail Pops - Drywallinfo - drywall-nail-pop-repair2-5.jpg

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