How to Safely Pack and Store Your Belongings During Moving?

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Shifting cities or towns is such an overwhelming experience that many of us tend to mess up the storage bit. This article acts as a guide about how to get things right.

Moving, though an enthusiastic step in itself; involves the humongous task of packing and packing things right to ensure that they stay safe and clean just as the way you left them. This involves careful planning and the best way to approach it is by analyzing what things you need now, what you shall be needing till the next couple of days, and what you will need even on the day of moving out. Once the order of this has been set, one can segregate products in this manner:

Pack an overnight bag to contain all essentials which you want within the reach of your hand even when you are too tired.

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Items that require first use like paper towels, eating utensils, phone chargers, toilet paper should be packed in clear plastic bags so that you do not have to search everything just to access them.

It is a no-brainer that labelling things make it easy while unpacking them. But did you know that adding an extra column in the label could save you a ton of work? While labeling what is inside the box, also put a small word about where and which room the products are going to go to. This way you do not have to open up everything at once and you can unpack room-by-room as per your convenience.

Pack your kitchenware and expensive china in bubble wrap. However, if you want to save some bucks, pack them in your clothes. This way you will end up packing both and will also have saved.

Instead of stacking plates one on top of the other, pack them vertically to ensure minimal damage. Put bubble wraps to separate each plate or you can also use clothes as an extra padding.

Finding it difficult to pack wine glasses, or other stemware? Use your socks. They act as an extra padding and keep things safe.

Use a saran wrap to cover your toiletries and then put back the cap of the product on. This usually prevents leakage. Also, try putting an extra layer of cotton while packing your cosmetics to ensure that the powdered product does not break.

Buy bubble wrap and stretch wrap two items that you are frequently going to use for storage of your products.

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If you are unplugging electronics like TV, take a photo to be sure how they were originally plugged to avoid calling an electrician unnecessarily.

For items like furniture or clothes that you do not plan to use immediately after moving, use a vacuum cleaner to suck out excess air. This will ensure that they need not be opened and can be stored directly.

Most importantly, always number your boxes. It is also a good idea to keep a list with yourself about the content of each box. This way you can keep a track of all your belongings.

Moving is a hectic and chaotic process for even the most seasoned people. The trick is to not get overwhelmed and pre plans everything to ensure that nothing is amiss.

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