How to Install a Swimming Pool Fence?

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Pool fencing is indispensible for homes with swimming pools. Apart from adding a boundary to your home, they help keep the area safe for kids. This article discusses how to install pool fences.
In almost every city, there are certain safety standards that have to be followed with installing backyard pools and fences. Designed to provide safe area for kids, these fences with gates allow you keep a check in the vicinity. If you plan on installing a fence yourself, here what you need to do.

Required tools

Measuring tape
Small Spade or Scissor Shovel
String Line
Crow Bar

Fence Installation procedure

Buying Fence

Start by buying the fence. Most of the fencing products are made of powder coated aluminums and usually have vertical rails that are spaced no more than a 100 mm apart, ensuring that younger ones, like pets and kids can't get through it. Horizontal rails are mostly spaced 900 mm apart. Currently, a number of companies also offer new fences with customized materials, so you can have a wood, ornamental iron, chain link or vinyl fence designed as per your requirements and budget. Accordingly, other specifications such as two self closing hinges, safety latches and high post may vary.
Individuals who seek to install fences on their own must get advices from their architect regarding what cables or pipes run in their backyard. This will help in better and adequate installation.


Start by digging holes either side of the gate. Usually 985mm centre to centre measurement is required. Check the product's DIY guide to know more. Once holes are dug, install hinge post from ground to the top. Use rapid set concrete to hold post on its own. Ensure that it's firm. Now, screw hinges to hinge post facing out and check that they are as far from the gate as possible. Space the gate evenly and secure the latch to the gatepost.


When installing pool fence, string a line where you want the fence to go. Accordingly mark your holes and dig them. Usually, holes sizes of 200mmx500m diameter work. Determine the height of panel on gate post by using rail flanges supplied by the producer. Attach the flange top and bottom of the post and feed panel into it using a block of wood or brick. Place under the panel. Pack it up or down till it is leveled. Now, screw through the face of flange. Usually, tek screws are used for the purpose.


Once the first panel is installed, place flanges on the next post. Now, level the panel using block of wood or brick in a way similar to the previous panel. Screw panel and check that all the posts are vertically aligned to the string line while the panels are leveled horizontally. Use rapid set concrete as mentioned previously. Once all the panels are standing, check DIY instructions and finish the project using concrete as required.

Lastly, test the gate to ensure that it closes automatically.

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