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  • Posted in thread: Insulating Attic? on 09-29-2009 at 12:47 PM
    It's likely your joists are 16" on center so use the rolls that are 15" wide. The R-value you
    use should be limited to the height of your joists. You probably have 2x8 or 2x10 joists so
    that would be ...

  • Posted in thread: Got a leak - whos a plumber? Pic... on 07-26-2007 at 01:34 PM
    Turn the valve off at the curb (you can build a tool with a piece of pipe), then replace it all
    up to that pressure/check valve. I just did something similar and I used a full port ball valve
    instead ...

  • Posted in thread: Drywall meets door frame on 03-28-2007 at 11:14 AM
    Worst case scenario, you can custom build new door jambs the appropriate width. I say worst
    because it's the most work, but would probably be the best end result.You could also reinstall
    the jam flush...

  • Posted in thread: Gas Furnace Shutdown on 03-28-2007 at 11:09 AM
    You could turn off the gas, but you'll have to remember to turn it back on and relight the
    pilot in the fall. As was mentioned, the pilot won't burn more than $2 worth of gas all summer.
    I believe tha...

  • Posted in thread: Kitchen countertops on 03-28-2007 at 11:04 AM
    Formica is bonded to partical board which is horribly weak in the lateral direction not to
    mention swells like a sponge when it gets wet. Most tile guys would at least replace it with
    some 3/4" plywoo...

  • Posted in thread: Subfloors for Hardwood & Tile on 03-15-2007 at 08:31 AM
    Most tile pros would suggest that particle board is NOT a suitable underlayment for tile in any
    situation, especially in a room where the tile may get wet. In this case, I'd really recommend
    going ove...

  • Posted in thread: Security Alarms on 03-14-2007 at 02:04 PM
    I pay 7.99 per month (one year prepay) and I know it works because I've false tripped it myself
    by accident a couple times already. Of course, this is possible because I bought and installed
    the syste...

  • Posted in thread: Need movable wall for bedroom. on 03-14-2007 at 01:57 PM
    Hi, new guy here but this topic interested me. Are we talking permanent for as long as you live
    there but you want it removable for when you leave (apartment renter are ya?). Or... do you
    want it to b...


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