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05-08-2005 4:44 PM


  • Posted in thread: Ugly beam on my ceiling needs help on 05-08-2005 at 10:44 AM
    I have a large center beam in my living room-it's about 6" thick, 12" wide and 16' long. And
    it's ugly dark rough wood. Other than painting it, what can I do to improve the look of it? The
    ceiling is ...

  • Posted in thread: Need a new dishwasher on 05-08-2005 at 10:40 AM
    Bosch believe it or not has a great dishwasher and Kitchenaid makes some very good dishwashers
    that are really quiet. Bosch isn't exactly cheap, but they are supposed to be extremely quiet,

  • Posted in thread: Water damage on wall on 05-08-2005 at 10:37 AM
    Had a water leak in the garage and I've got a wall with some damage about 6 inches up the side.
    What is the simplest way to repair this? I don't want to just cover it up, so I'm going to have
    to tear ...

  • Posted in thread: Slow draining tub on 05-08-2005 at 10:34 AM
    First, you may NOT need a chemical drain cleaner.Check the overflow hole. You remove the
    overflow plate and look for a whole bunch of hair caught on this. It may be a brass cylinder or
    a plastic one. ...

  • Posted in thread: New house, new roof on 05-05-2005 at 08:43 AM
    If it's not leaking, why re-shingle? If it IS leaking, tear off the old stuff first. You'll get
    a cleaner seal and a lighter roof. Yes, it's a lot more work and a lot of mess. But do it right
    and you'...

  • Posted in thread: Leaky outside faucet on 05-05-2005 at 08:41 AM
    I have an outside faucet that won't stop leaking. I've replace the washer on the hoses, but
    every time I turn the faucet on, no matter what hose I attach to it, the thing leaks. Any ideas
    other than r...

  • Posted in thread: Need to set up storage in garage on 05-05-2005 at 08:36 AM
    What's an inexpensive, yet effective, way to set up garage storage. I need a place to store
    tools, various household and gardening implements, pet stuff-crates, etc. There are so many to
    choose from i...

  • Posted in thread: How can you fix a marble countertop? on 05-05-2005 at 08:33 AM
    It's pretty tricky, because you need to match the finish of the counter. That's why a
    professional is your best choice. If you want to do it yourself, then pick up some clear
    two-part epoxy or some cl...


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