5 Hacks to Maximise Kitchen Space

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Kitchen space is a luxury that is often
difficult to come by and is something that people can never get enough of. Domex in London have written this article
to try and help you to gain more space from your kitchen without carrying out
any major works. That, my friends, is what is known as a win-win situation.

#1 Wall space is the best spaceOne of the easiest ways to make a kitchen
appear more spacious is to de-clutter the counters this is one of the most
forgotten secrets to a tidy kitchen!

A great way to clear the counters is to
build upwards and install racks and shelves on empty wall space so that pots
and pans can be hung from them and books can be kept tidy. By hanging your pots
and pans, you will free up cupboard space to store everything else from your
counter tops.

#2 Shelf tidies

Shelf tidies are an invaluable resource for
the space-conscious kitchen designer. They allow you to double and even triple
up your cupboard space so that you can be more efficient with your storage.

Also use them in the refrigerator to get the
most from that space too!

Hack #3 Tiered counter-top storage

we think that counters should be kept as minimalistic as possible, we also
understand that sometimes you have to
store things there. One quick way to create the illusion of more space however
is to buy tiered storage for the counter tops creating a stadium effect for
your herbs and spices.

By doing this, you deceive your eyes and
create the illusion of space purely because of the multi-layered effect.

Hack #4 Integrated Appliances

appliances tend to be pretty bulky and, even if they aren't actually that big,
seem to take up a lot of room. One simple way to make your kitchen look more
spacious is to install integrated appliances that can be covered by cupboard
doors so they 'fit' your kitchen better. This often results in more smooth
surfaces, with no disruptions from appliances and this often adds to the
illusion of space.

A great example of an integrated appliance
is the Beko
BC73F Integrated Fridge/Freezer

Hack #5 Work the corners

often overlook the corners of the kitchen and therefore render this space
useless and redundant. The potential of corners can be enormous and can be
harnessed by clever shelving which is great for storing things like crockery
and even a spice rack. It can also provide a focal point from a design
perspective for the kitchen.

There are lots of other things that you can
do to get the most out of your kitchen too, but for now we wanted to keep it simple
with a few suggestions that you can quickly implement to get big results.

One of the main takeaways to remember is
that keeping your counter surfaces as free from clutter as possible will really
open up your kitchen and making the most of your wall space will add bundles of
storage that you'd probably never considered before.

This article was written by Domex who offer appliance repairs
across London.

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