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August 9, 2012
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This is part of my overall house renovation.* The basement is in need of a lot of work.* I've started replacing the copper plumbing (it was an inefficient mess) with PEX.* The breaker box and electrical system needs replaced.* The HVAC replacement/upgrade will be next year.* The sump pump doesn't need replacing at this time.* The septic system is being completely replaced.* Lots of work needs to be done, and is being done.

I'm thinking of sealing and insulating the crawlspace walls so it can be left open to the basement.* Would it be a good idea to lower the dirt mound and use it as storage?
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September 13, 2012  •  06:56 PM
replaced two windows with glass block. Installation was easy, once I figured out how to frame it in.
March 5, 2013  •  07:33 AM
At least most of your basement is open and easy to work in.

Great project, keep us up to date.
June 9, 2013  •  12:32 AM
Check out this article. It includes great tips for renovating a basement.

Hope you find it informative and helpful.