Covering My Electrical Panel

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January 28, 2012
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Hi Guys,

I'm a novice (yet competent) DIY'er. I'm looking for ideas on how I should cover my electrical panel in my basement so that it looks nice (preferably I'd like to cover it with drywall) and also leave it*accessible when needed.*

Any ideas how how I should proceed?


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January 29, 2012  •  11:49 PM
Wow, that looks pretty nicely done as it is... wires all coming in on one side like that... If I was to cover it, drywall would be my first option, or even a hardboard that doesn't look like it belongs in the 70's. And, I would use a piano hinge along the top, to access it whenever required
January 30, 2012  •  03:25 PM
Thanks for your feedback: how do you suppose I should edge the drywall so that when I open and close it, it will look somewhat decent with the drywall
That's there now? Any details would be much appreciated.

February 16, 2012  •  08:16 PM
if you use a thin strip of wood along the edge, it would obvoiusly look like something is there, but, that's how I finished mine in my old house. I bought the strips of wood that go inside a door jamb (can't for the life of me think of what they're called) and tacked them to the sheet that I used. It had a simple 2x2 frame inside.
April 9, 2012  •  09:14 PM
What about a pegboard with a piano hinge on the right side, trimmed out with crown molding? You can dissipate heat through the pegboard as well, and hang items on the pegboard. Just be sure the pegboard hooks don't contact any live connections.
June 17, 2012  •  05:55 PM
why is it sideways?
June 17, 2012  •  08:18 PM
@asbestos haha, I dunno! I just bought the house, didn't give much thought to the sideways panel...
June 24, 2012  •  09:41 PM
You could just put some doors on here from some recycled closets?
June 25, 2012  •  08:08 PM
thomask, that's true, I could find something like that, might be an easier and more practical solution than drywalling in an access panel... hmm...
July 2, 2012  •  09:56 AM
@asbestos because I am guessing he is in Canada and thats how they do it there...
July 2, 2012  •  07:01 PM
Yup! Canada it is...although, I've seen some of my friends houses and they're wiring is a MESS, even on a new build...
August 13, 2012  •  04:57 PM
You just need a general contractor. general contractors
February 19, 2013  •  08:36 AM
@thomask That is a good idea! I am having a new panel/wiring installed in an upstairs and the only place to put it is in the living room. There is a cut out place next to an old flue. After reading your comment, I have decided to put cabinet doors from ceiling to floor in this area with the panel behind one of them and shelving for storage behind the other doors. Solves 2 problems! Thanks.