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This deck was done in about 2 weeks. I didnt really have any help so I had to replace 49 boards. They ranged from 10 foot to 16 feet long. Theres a swimming pool in the middle of the deck as well so some of the cuts I had to use the jigsaw. Anyway, I was tired of staining it every year with the stain I was using. It was sort of cheap and the quality really reflected the price. I ended up getting the 160 dollar 5 gallon kits of solid color stain. It has a 10 year on the flat deck part and 25 years on the verticle part like the pickets. So far its been 2 years and I dont see me having to do it again next year. So thats 3 years I got out of spending an extra 50 bucks a 5 gallon kit. It took 10 gallons to do 2 coats. It also took me literally 2000 decking screws to nail down the new boards I replaced the bad ones with. So far, I guess I would have to say that Its worth it to pay a little more now. If for nothing else, you dont have to stain it for at least 3 years compared to the every year with the other brand. I would say which brand I used but I am not sure if thats allowed.
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