How I transformed my kitchen

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The kitchen is a room that has evolved through years of
innovation; the fundamentals have changed. Its size, its usage, the technology
used within the kitchen has all transformed dramatically. Once upon a time the kitchen was a room used
simply for the purpose of preparing meals; however this couldn't be further
from how the kitchen is used nowadays.

In fact here at Eurofit
we would go as far as saying that the kitchen is the heart of the
home. It has adopted open plan living; it has become a living room, a dining
room, all while remaining the place in which meals are prepared.

We need to ensure that our kitchen is a room in which we can
be happy; it is probably one of your largest rooms in your home, making it a
focal point. So getting the design right is absolutely pivotal. I have recently
taken on a kitchen renovation project myself and I wanted to share with you how
I transformed my kitchen from a dull, depressing room to one full of light and
enjoyment. These tricks don't cost a fortune and can be carried about by any
one, regardless of their previous DIY experience.

your kitchen cabinet doors

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the most influential things
within the kitchen space; they take up a fair amount of room and if in poor
shape can have a very dulling effect on everything else. This is why modifying
your kitchen cabinet doors is a very worthwhile kitchen improvement.

Fully replacing your cupboard doors is one option, albeit a
more expensive one; instead I decided to repaint mine. With your cabinets
taking up a large amount of surface area in your kitchen they can change the
whole feel of the room with a new lick of paint.

The first thing you need to do is decide what colour you're
going to paint your cabinet doors. I thought about what tone of mood I wanted
to change my kitchen too beforehand. For example, if I was looking to create a
warm, cosy kitchen for winter I may have chosen warm browns, reds, gold's.
However for a bright summery feel I could have gone for greens, blues and

Removing my cupboard

Once you have decided on your colour choices it is time to
remove the doors from your units. The way I did this was simple; I unscrewed
all of the kitchen hinges and drawer slides/runners leaving the door separate. Create a sketch of your kitchen cabinet
layout, number all doors with a white sticker. This will make life a lot
easier when it comes to re-attaching your cabinet doors. You can also label all
kitchen fittings and place them in small plastic bags to make things even
simpler later on.

Preparing my cabinets

Firstly I prepped my cabinets for painting. I didn't have an
orbital sander handy so I simply purchased plenty of sandpaper and began
sanding manually. This was a fairly time consuming process and if you can
borrow/hire an orbital sander I would advise doing so.

Once the colour had been completely removed from my cabinet
doors I coated them in a layer of Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). This chemical will
ensure that your cupboard doors are completely stripped of any foreign
substances. I then added a layer of primer to my cabinets to finish the
preparation process.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Once the primer had dried I gave my cabinet doors another
light sanding. I then wiped the surface down and began painting. I gave my
cabinet doors two coats of paint, however one may be enough or you may need as
many as three depending on your colour choices and how easily the primer is

The final thing I did was add a lime wax to my cabinet doors
once all of the paint had dried. You can purchase this from most DIY stores. It
left my cupboard doors looking shiny and ready to be reattached.

Attaching my cabinet

I allowed my cabinets to dry until the following weekend
before completing the first part of my kitchen transformation. I took out the
sketch that I had created prior to taking my doors off and simply reattached my
hinges and drawer slides with ease. You already have predrilled holes from
before so it is simply a case of screwing them back into place.

Adding wall
decals to my kitchen

Applying wall decals to your kitchen is not only an easy way
to improve your kitchens style but it is also a non-invasive way too. By doing
a simple search on the internet I found hundreds of specialist wall decal
companies to choose from.

Your wall decals can be as simple or as abstract as you
wish; you can buy something with a simple message of love or a decal as amazing
as a realistic view. For example one of your kitchen walls could be made to
look as though you're looking out onto the ocean.

A personal favourite of mine is a simple message/quote
explaining what your kitchen means to you. I purchased a wall decal simply
saying 'the kitchen is the heart of the home'. As you can see in the
photographs of the project.

The decal can be made to fit a whole wall or a tiny part of
it; be as creative as possible and make it personal.

My lighting

I want my kitchen to be bright and enjoyable to spend time
in, so what better way to ensure that than to improving the lighting? The way I
did this was by adding some pendant lighting. They offer a great lighting
choice while also being very stylish.

They not only offer more light but they also become a focal point
of the kitchen; what better way to make a room feel lighter and more spacious
than by the lighting you choose? I managed to purchase some pendant lighting
for under ?50 which is affordable and in my opinion very worthwhile.

It is worth thinking about energy efficiency when purchasing
any lighting. You can save yourself a fortune year on year by buying energy
efficient light bulbs; not to mention reducing your homes carbon footprint.
Think about LED lighting when making kitchen improvements, LED light bulbs last
as long as 11 and a half years meaning no need to worry about the constant
changing. They're also brighter and use less energy than other options.

I installed
some backsplash tiles

If you have a sink or stove area installing some backsplash
tiles could be an idea worth doing, just as I did. The greatest thing about
backsplash tiles is that you can arrange them in whatever way you wish. They
can be bright and creative with mixtures of colours or as simple and bold as

You don't even need to do your full kitchen; in fact
creating a feature point like behind a stove or sink is a great way to use
backsplash tiles. For those very inexperienced 'DIYers' you may want to call in
some professional help wheninstalling
; however it is not a difficult task to complete.

I hope that this kitchen transformation inspires you and
gives you some ideas when renovating yours. Remember you don't need a whole new
kitchen to make it into the heart of your home; all you need is some spare time
and some creativity and you can have the kitchen you always dreamed of.
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