How To Add Value To Your Property

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Whether you want to
sell your house or require more space for a growing family, it makes sense to
maximise the space you have. Space has overtaken location as a key priority for
home owners and as the property market continues to recover, sellers will want
to make their homes more attractive for future buyers.

Loft conversion

Converting your loft
could add up to 12.5 per cent to the selling price of your home.

Loft conversions are
relatively easy to install and don't result in too much disruption. According
to the Independent a loft conversion is
one of the best ways of adding value to a property. The key is to ensure access
to the loft is easy and the conversion fits in with the rest of the property.

Concentrate on the kitchen

If you are going to
improve one room, the kitchen is probably the most important. Nowadays the
kitchen is not just for cooking, for many of us it is the place to entertain
and host dinner parties. A kitchen needs to be functional and look good enough
to impress potential guests. Kitchens soon date, so install equipment that is
modern and on trend. Make sure you select a kitchen that matches the price of
your house, the latest designer kitchen will look out of place in the average
terrace, while a 1 ?million house will require a kitchen to match the overall
property price.

Beautiful bathrooms

The bathroom comes a
close second to the kitchen for adding value to your home. Many buyers will
expect more than one bathroom and creating an en suite could make your home
more attractive. Bathrooms are more than just spaces to have a quick shower
before work. It is a place to escape the stresses of modern life. A luxurious
spa type bathroom will transform the master bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary,
think free standing baths, jetted showers, underfloor heating and stylish
wooden furniture. Don't forget the finishing touches and accessories such as
those to be found at

First impressions count

Your front garden or
drive will be the first part of your house to be noticed when a potential buyer
arrives for a viewing. You don't need to spend a fortune on decking or
extravagant water features. A well maintained lawn and some plants will
suffice. Give the front door a coat of paint and clear out any clutter from the
driveway and if necessary replace the old door knob.

When it comes to
making home improvements, it's all too easy to get personal. However, if you
are planning to sell, it is more important to tailor your improvements to what
will be appealing to most buyers. The Telegraph has ten of the best
ways to add value to your home.

You should carefully
consider if a particular improvement will add value. While kitchens and
bathrooms are key selling points and worth spending money on, others are
unlikely to add much value.

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