Joels First repair

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Joels First repair - joelwithrci - 2012-08-26-14-25-36.jpg
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August 27, 2012


So this is my first big home repair.* Me and my wife got a 2200sf home in germantown tn for 113000 it worth 140000.* So i know i got a good deal but i wanted to try making kitchen cabinets for my first project so i did and they look good.* I will post more pictures on my site and on here.* but the old ones that were in there needed to be taken out because of water damage.* So i riped them out also i had to take the top ones out as well and when i did, there was old wiring that was still live.* so now i have alot more work to do but i will post more as soon as i can.* Any and all advise you may have is welcome thanks.

My company i work for is RCI Restoration Services*out of Memphis and Nashville and im a web coder an SEO to more precise.*
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August 27, 2012  •  02:04 PM
Also this is my first project so any info helps.
November 9, 2012  •  05:00 PM
beautiful work nice to see. did you leave it natural or did you use anything onit to seal surfaces