Old House Renovation

Old House Renovation - oldhouseguyllc - house-before-170.jpg
Old House Renovation - oldhouseguyllc - house-with-frieze-board-and-water-171.jpgOld House Renovation - oldhouseguyllc - restoration-of-an-ugly-house-172.jpgOld House Renovation - oldhouseguyllc - before-and-after-173.jpg
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As you see in the before photo, this 100+ year old house was renovated many times by people that did not understand architecture. The most recent renovation was by a developer who wanted to "improve" the house for resale. His so called "improvements" turned the house into an eyesore. This is done by many people who fall for fads and the bad architecture of McMansions styles.

My job was to bring back the historic character and simply allow the architecture to be what it was designed to be and not conflict with un-proportioned features.

The low addition at the front should not be there however instead of demolishing it I tried to make it fit in better.

Work done was replace vinyl with wood siding, correctly designed window casings, true divided light windows, real wood shutters, trim work to enhance the style, and landscaping.

All this work was performed graphically. Meaning this house was restored on a photograph for a Realtor. Some people have a difficult time seeing the true potential of a house and this will help the house sell. It is also a good guide to give a builder to work from.
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March 23, 2014  •  09:47 PM
Looks great, i am not architect but looking at the new look, it feels like time travel to history.