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My husband and I are gutting our 1931 farmhouse in South Seattle (the Rainier Beach neighborhood). The house sits on a sloped lot and has a daylight basement. The scope of work includes the following:

- adding a basement bathroom and bedroom, and entrance to back yard from daylight side of basement
- relocating the stairs to the basement to nest under stairs to the 2nd floor
- opening up a wall between the kitchen and current basement stair, converting current basement stair to dining area
- adding main floor half bath
- new finishes, cabinets, appliances in kitchen
- shed dormer addition upstairs and reconfiguring of the bedrooms / bathroom upstairs

So far we are unhearthing surprise after surprise in the basement, the most recent being standing water under the slab on grade and some head-scratching plumbing. I'll be documenting the process athttp://rainierbeachfarmhouse.blogspot.com/.
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April 11, 2014  •  10:20 AM
That sounds like a great adventure in remodeling. It's been several months now and I'm curious as to how the project is going or has turned out.

Being in the northwest and having to deal with ground water is an everyday thing. One has to build in a long term workable drainage system to keep the water from coming in to the house.

I just recently had to dewater a basement that had flooded to 4' deep because the footing drains sump pump failed and the water came in from under the slab. Now an early warning system is getting installed.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Glenn the Remodelguy!
April 11, 2014  •  11:09 AM
Hi Glenn,

Thanks for checking in! The project had some worrisome foundation reinforcement and drainage issues at the beginning, but we've worked through those and we just finished framing the basement, plumbing supply is in too. Electrical is going in next week, then on to insulation and drywall... finally!

We just opened our first wall on the main floor and found more surprises, which I'll be blogging about soon, but in the meantime I have a few blog entries about the project posted:

Foundation reinforcement part 1: http://pedal-petal.blogspot.com/2013/11/basement-remodel-reinforcing-foundation.html

Foundation reinforcement part 2 and drainage: http://pedal-petal.blogspot.com/2013/11/basement-remodel-structural-surprises.html

Chimney demolition: http://pedal-petal.blogspot.com/2013/11/chimney-demolition.html

Installing doors and windows: http://pedal-petal.blogspot.com/2013/12/installing-doors-and-windows.html

Plumbing groundwork and framing: http://pedal-petal.blogspot.com/2014/03/basement-remodel-plumbing-groundwork.html

Thanks again for your interest!