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Every day, a single person produces 4.6 pounds of trash in the US. Out of these 4.6 pounds, only 1.5 pounds are recycled. "Reduce, reuse, recycle" is a familiar chant and reducing and
recycling is perhaps easier and more straightforward than reusing. How can you reuse your useless trash?

1. Turn it into something useful!
a. Milk and juice jugs can be turned into containers for pencils and pens by simply cutting out half a side.
b.Glass bottles can be instantly turned into flower vases by ripping of the label.

c.You can make a functional boat with just plastic bottles and a couple of oars.

d.Create dolls for your children using rags, old socks and popsicle sticks.

e.Put soft covers over busted tires and use them as a seat.

f.Think twice before tossing out anything!

2. Use food as fertilizer

a.Eggshells help add nutrients to the soil, help your plants flower by putting eggshells in the earth around them.

b.Rotten tomatoes, carrot tops, the unwanted bits of vegetables are excellent fertilizers when they decompose.

i.Help your (or your neighbor's garden) to flourish and grow vegetables from vegetables.

c.You can use cardboard toilet paper rolls (and there will be many!) to grow seedlings by filling them with soil.

3. Make metal sculptures
a.Weld pieces of metal like old pipes, rusty nails and soda cans together to make beautiful metal sculptures or a huge Transformer replica they might sell for a fair bit of money!

b. Not inclined to be creative? Another way to make money from scrap metal is to take it down to a metal recycling plant like Sims Metal Management. You can recycle anything from appliances like vacuum cleaners to broken down cars and car parts. For more information about them check here.

4. Can it be donated?

a.Garage sales are a great way to get rid of things that clutter up your home without creating trash.

b.Before trashing things like broken electronics, old board games, books and clothes check if they can be donated to orphanages or organizations like Salvation Army.

The best way to make reuse trash is to keep a lookout! Cardboard boxes, buttons, chains, old garbage bins, magazines, broken glass anything you see has the potential to either be
recycled or remade into something useful and creative. Bring beauty into Jersey
City in more ways than one!
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