total rehab kitchen & living area

total rehab kitchen & living area - zeeya - kitch-before-77.jpg
total rehab kitchen & living area - zeeya - kitchen-79.jpgtotal rehab kitchen & living area - zeeya - before-80.jpgtotal rehab kitchen & living area - zeeya - new-table-81.jpg
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Kitchen & living area was gutted by owner. Then he called me in to offer a design and then do the project. so here are some before pics and a couple of after I have many more but thought this would give an idea of the project


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January 4, 2013  •  04:32 PM
Nice and neat job, like the double windows and the island L.
January 12, 2013  •  08:42 PM
Thanks appreciate the comment I'm going to post another kitchen I just finished a few weeks ago on a flipper and just got an offer on the house and will be closing in a few weeks
June 11, 2013  •  07:26 PM
Hey I'm new and I seen your project. I am presently wanting to perchuse a home in a more or less bad part of town for 3 grand. The home is completely run down, I haven't seen it personally all sept for on line photos, and the kitchen is gutted like yours. I am perpaired for the work it takes and am going to get my appliances from Craig's list in my area. However I would like your opinion as for how long it took you, to how difficult was it? I would also like to know what you started with, or what might be a priority. Thank you so much for your time
June 29, 2013  •  03:36 PM
without a picture of the area it's hard for me to say but you need some accurate measurements of the kitchen area and the size of the appliances if you are not moving the plumbing then thats where you start your lower cabinet layout and put dishwasher to right or left depending figure out where frig will go see what space you have left for the balance of lower cabs and so on

if you email me offline I will be happy to help you but to much to write here this project was very intense new floors, tile, cabs , paint, lighting plumbing, countertops etc etc. From delivery of materials to finish about 15 working days. my business email is