Remake Your Living Room According to Feng Shui

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The living room is probably the most important and most visited room in a house. It just has to be inviting and should definitely reflect your personality and interests. This is also the room which every guest enters first. Therefore it should also leave a good first impression to all your visitors. Your main goal is to keep this room clean and cozy, so everybody feels pleasant. Once you get used to clean and tidy your living room regularly you'll notice a positive change. You'll also see that the more time you spent in a neat living room, the better you'll feel.

Make the living room easily accessible. First, you need to make sure the living room is easily accessible. Of course, you and your guest need to easily navigate to this room. This encourages not only the guest, but your family too to spend more time together. You actually try to accomplish the so-called family comfort. Furniture arrangement is crucial - just get rid of any big sized items located next to the entry door and make more space around the entrance so everybody enters and leaves freely. Not only enter or leave, but also move around the room freely. Note, that Feng Shui experts advise to avoid having L-shaped furniture. In fact, they create sha, which is not good for you and your home. Well, you could have one, but you should locate it in the corner of the room. If you need help with the cleaning, you could always ask the expert AB Cleaning Now team to assist you.

Furniture arrangement. This is crucial for your home. Always try to find balance in your room. For example, if you find that most of the furniture is gathered only in one part of the room, just try to balance all the items around the room. Well, having all the furniture in one side is also confusing and uncomfortable. Always avoid sitting with your back to the door. I can't explain why, but it's proven that people tend to feel worse when sitting in such position. If you room doesn't allow facing the door, you should offer your guests chairs facing the door. Ideally, the head of the family has to sit in a chair facing the main door of the living room. Entertainers do not have to sit with their back to the windows as this means no support. If they sit next to a wall, this will grow their confidence and will make them more open and welcoming.

Room location. The living room has to be close to the front door. Also, it needs to be at the same level as the front door is. If the main room is located below the front door level, you could fix this problem by hanging a crystal chandelier. Plants in pots are also an attractive solutions to the problem.

I advise you not to place sofas or chairs under the exposed beams, because sha will create controversy around your home. If there are not alternatives for replacement, your could hand two bamboo flutes on the bar.

The fireplace is a central focal point during the winter season. It also creates warmth and joy. Note that the positive energy flow can easily escape through the chimney. Be careful and you better hang a mirror to reflect the positive flows back to the room.

Many households have their furniture located in the direction of the fireplace. Yes, this is a good solutions for the winter, but according to Feng Shui, you don't need to do that. Just let the chairs face each other to encourage conversation.

Having a TV in the central place in your living room can be both good and bad. On the one hand, a TV set produces light and sound which makes positive vibrations around. On the other hand, it can kill the conversation. Again, it's all about the balance.
I believe the tips above have helped you rearrange your living room according to Feng Shhui principles. Enjoy your new home environment.

Remake Your Living Room According to Feng Shui - aclifford - feng-shui-living-163.jpg
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