Removing Pet Hair from Your Home

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Having pet hair may not seem like a repair job, but I would argue that it is one of the most difficult problems for homeowners who have pets. I have a pet whose fur from his double-layer coat has virtually blanketed my rugs and floors. Pet hair gets on my clothes, bed, kitchen, and even on my food. It can be a problem when you have company over, trying to sell a property, or if you're trying to get your rent deposit back. And it can be a major issue for people who have allergies. If you have a pet like mine, it is not only important to find a quality vacuum, but to have one that specifically specializes in sucking up heavy pet hair.

Since my dog has such a thick coat, he sheds more hair than the usual dog, and it can be especially messy when he sheds during the summer season.

In this situation, it is best to go for quality above price. If you buy a cheap vac with a pet that sheds frequently, you'll eventually end up with a hunk of junk that sucks up next to nothing. Many vacuums are simply not equipped to handle pet hair.

I was able to find a quality pet-based hand held vacuum from Wal-Mart for $40, and there is also a regular vac that will set you back around $178. But if you're willing to purchase a vacuum through the mail, you can find quality vacs for half that price on Amazon and other places.

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But having a vacuum that sucks up hair is half the battle, and it requires some extra vigilance in maintaining a relatively hair-free home.

Groom Your Pet's Fur

A good way to cut down on pet in the house is to keep your pet's fur trimmed. You can take your dog to the groomer, or you can simply purchase a pair of dog clippers, which is what I do. Another good way to cut down on excess hair is to comb your dog's fur daily to weed out any loose fur in the coat.

Hide and Go Seek

Sometimes pet hair is in the least likely places such as under your stove or furniture. Since your air conditioning unit blows all manner of dust and debris throughout your home, hair can accumulate in unseen areas. Remove any furniture you can, and do a thorough sweep up. Sweep up carpets or wood floors at least once a week to prevent accumulation.

Furniture Cleanup

I'm someone who spoils my dog by allowing him to lie on my furniture, but one way to cut down on fur getting matted on your upholstery is to keep him or her off the sofa or bed. You can purchase pet beds, or you can use an old blanket. And though your pet may be upset by not being able to sit on the furniture, having their own blanket or bed will be the next best thing for them.

Use a vacuum cleaner hose on your furniture, and you can use masking tape or a lint roller to get any leftover fur off the sofa

For beds, wash any pillow cases and sheets, lint rollers or tape if there is fur on the mattress.

If you have too much fur on your blankets, be aware that some leftover pet hair can linger in your washer and get on your clothes during future wash cycles. In that case you would have to clean out washer.

For clothes, masking tape and lint rollers are good solutions, but throwing your clothes in the dryer on the tumble cycle, along with throwing in some fabric softener, will help since the sheets will absorb any hair through static. You can also use a fabric softener sheet as a stand-alone alternative.

Velcro also works well, along with special pet hair removal brushes you can find at your local pet store.

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Reducing pet hair will not only make your home more liveable, but it will also reduce the smell of pet odor in the house.

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