How to repair scratches on wooden furniture

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How to repair scratches on wooden furniture

Repairing scratches on wooden furniture pieces is just like fixing a mirror; you can do it, but there is no way it would look like it was never broken. In fact, it doesn't matter how good of a job you do; as long as you don't see a real professional, the scratch will never go undetected. If we are not talking about anything too expensive, I guess I it's to try and fix the problem yourself. Just make sure to follow instructions thoroughly and don't do anything just because it comes to you intuitively.

Color Masking Agents
When we get right down to brass tacks, we can see that regardless of what we do, a scratch is a scratch, a psychical phenomenon, and the only way a scratch can be fixed for real is by reapplying the whole finish all over again. It is not so uncommon of a procedure, but then again if you are looking for solutions on the Internet, you are obviously not too worried about the faith of your wooden furniture... but I digress.

My point is that you cannot fix a scratch, but what you can do is to mask the mark so only you know it is there. In order for this exercise to work, we would need the appropriate set of tools, or dyes if you will. I will tell you some of the basic coloring agents people use (black tea and coffee), although if it was my piano I was fixing, I wouldn't be the one fixing it at all!

Black Tea
Now, you will hear a lot about this on the Internet - "Black tea fixes everything". Well, whether or not it helps, I'll let you decide. First of all we are going to make some tea. But this tea will not be for drinking, so don't wait around 'til six o'clock to do this. What you do is you take your black tea bag and you dunk it in some boiling water (about 10ml should do). Keep it there depending on the color of of the wood. The longer the little tea bag soaks in the water, the darker it will become (the water that is). For brown finish, steep the bad for about 2 minutes. If it is dark-brown wood, for 3 minutes. And if it is black-ish brown, then you can leave it there until the water has cooled.

Using a cotton swab, a tampon swap, or any kind of swab; dip the end in the tea enough to fill the tip, but not soak through the cotton. Now, gently go over the troubled area making sure that it is nice and deep in there. Gently go over with a dry paper towel to soak up all the remaining tea. You would probably repeat this procedure at least 3-4 times, before you get the tea to stay where you want it, and you also may have difficulties matching color.

Instant Coffee
Instant coffee works great when it's used as a dye, instead of a terrifying substitute for real coffee. Anyway, the principle is still the same. Get some water in there, a little bit, make a dense-sticky paste. Apply the paste and wipe. Repeat until success. What you should know however, aside of how to make instant coffee, is that any excess moisture can ruin your wooden furniture for good. If too much water gets through the finish and into the wood, there wouldn't be enough tea farmers in the world that could fix that mess.

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