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Old 12-07-2017, 10:21 PM  
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I guess I should crawl out of my cable cave. I haven't dealt with an antenna in decades.
I stand corrected.

Learn something every day
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Old 12-07-2017, 10:34 PM  
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Simply put the broadcaster today are broadcasting on the same frequencies that were used before digital. The only change is the type of signal that is being broadcast on the frequency. The other change is that most but not all of them are broadcasting in the UHF(channel 14-63) range instead of the VHF(channel 2-13) range.
So any good UHF antenna from the past will work for new digital signals.

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Old 12-08-2017, 08:06 AM  
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Originally Posted by slownsteady View Post
I guess I should crawl out of my cable cave. I haven't dealt with an antenna in decades.
I stand corrected.
If you have been living in a cable cave, at least around here your cave must be lined with $$$$$. It is not your dad OTA anymore and it is FREE. Thatís my favorite 4 letter word.

The signals are not just digital they are HD digital just like watching a BluRay disk at least for your network feeds. The older stations didnít run out and buy all new HD cameras so when watching local news the news may well be crystal clear and then they show a highlight of a high school football game and it looks SD. They also have paired channels now here so even though we only get ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX each one has 2 or three channels. I think we get 13 here. The dot 2 and dot 3 channels have kind of a cable feel to them. METV is a big one they play all the old network shows one is mostly action movies another westerns etc.

The thing about digital is you donít get to watch a signal that is weak. It comes in clear as a bell or not at all. As a kid we used to watch Canada and half the time you could barely make out the picture but you could at least hear it.

I was hooked on cable for many years and wasted way too much time watching crazy content I really enjoyed but found I can live fine without it. When we bought this house the deal was no cable until the house was totally remodeled. Now that we can get it and see the price we are happy with OTA.

About UHF & VHF JoeD is correct most are UHF and that is the smaller bow tie or square grid part of the antenna if you have channels 1-12 you need to get thatís the big giant thing you see on the roof with the long bars sticking out. Something most people donít know is they sell them for half the channels. So around here we have channel 12 so we only need the small end of the giant antenna. The 8í long width becomes about 3í if we buy a 6-12 antenna. Wal-Mart and most stores havenít figured that out yet and sell you the monster.

We are lucky all the stations are in Erie and a few miles apart and living 30 miles away we donít need a rotor. We just aim at the center of them all. Our UHF is about 3íx3í square and is in the attic I made a stand out of a car tire and a pipe for a mast. The UHF we just have a little set top from radio shack and it works pretty good except when it snows sometime we loose channel 12.

Again Vince if you are still reading go to that sight I linked and see what you get and how good you can expect the signal to be before you start.
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Old 12-11-2017, 12:37 AM  
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Wow, I get tied up with work and Christmas stuff for a few days, and this fills up with lots of GREAT info! Thanks, Guys!

I need to read through it all and figure out my best options. I do see some pieces of old coax in the attic, but it's really difficult to figure out what goes where and if it would be useable.

I'll post more when I have something to report...


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