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Originally Posted by Gary View Post
We had very heavy rain and thawing snow the last couple days. Our sump pump quit and we woke up to 15" of water in the basement. Everything is on risers, but not all are raised 15" off the floor. It's an unfinished basement, known by us as the dungeon,so the appliances are the only concern. We've got an old chest type freezer that was on it's last leg....didn't survive. And an old dryer that was buzzing, which is what alerted us to the problem. Picked up a new one today. Washer, humidifier, hot water heater and furnace, all o.k. Fortunate that the 2 units that died were on life support anyway. I have a well for a second sump that's almost done. That will be high on the list for new projects.

For a related story, the local river is way out of it's banks. A guy got some news coverage when he attempted to get through a flood road. There were police, firemen, even a helicopter news crew to help him out.
So what do you do for excitement?

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Originally Posted by nealtw View Post
So what do you do for excitement?
I tell myself I'm thankful I wasn't the guy that thought it was a good idea to drive through rapid moving water on the road. I bet that was exciting though.

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Originally Posted by zannej View Post
I cleaned the litterboxes while sweating my *** off bc it's hot as hell and the air conditioner isn't working. The new litter I tried didn't clump up and dry like it's supposed to-- instead it was like wet cement and was really sticking to the inside of the litterbox and the metal trowel I resorted to using to dig it out. I'll have to take the trowel and litter scoop outside and rinse them off at the back faucet later.

Then I went over to hang out with a friend for a bit and then stay with his girlfriend and wait for another friend to arrive to figure out how to make her new dress fit her more snugly.

While I was visiting, got a call about one of my friends nearly being killed by his brother. He was letting his brother and the brother's girlfriend stay with him. The brother had just gotten full custody of his child from a previous girlfriend (no idea why she would let that violent jerk have the kid though). The brother's current girlfriend decided to leave him and ran off with some other guy. It's not clear if he was helping her escape or if she was having an affair with him. But she left at 6:30pm and around 11pm her boyfriend was losing his mind that she wasn't back. They got in touch with her uncle and he tried to bring her back, but when she realized he was trying to take her back she attacked her uncle in the car and jumped out of it while it was moving to get away. So the brother wanted my friend to take him to go look for her so he could "beat her ***" and drag her back home. My friend refused. So his brother attacked him and beat him up.
He then went outside and got a knife and threatened to stab him to death in front of the kids if he wouldn't drive him. He wrestled the knife away and told him to get out. So the brother went and got a shotgun, kicked the door in and threatened to shoot him if he didn't drive him. Another tussle ensued, my friend got his brother shoved out the door, the brother fired a shot, my friend went out and wrestled him for the gun and got it away while my firend's girlfriend called the cops. So, now the brother is in jail and will probably send the next 5 years there.

Flyover, could it be that the spigot just has crud clogged in it because it is lower down and sediment has built up? It looks to me like the water on a water heater comes out the top so the water can still flow, but lower down it could have gotten gunked up? I could be wrong on that.
Sounded liked you had a exciting day glad you didn't get hurt. I think your dead on about your spigot.
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Chris, is no groundwater in the well a bad thing? Do you mean a drinking water well?

Gary, sorry to hear about the flooding. I'm glad the only things that were damaged were already on the way out.

Thanks, Tuffy.

Today I had to call the air conditioning repair people because the AC isn't cooking and it was 88 degrees with a lot of humidity in the house. I couldn't sleep. When the guys were walking in from the kitchen to the hallway (where the air conditioner is in a compartment), my cat Itsy decided to flop on her side right at the threshold of the hallway and block them. She stretched out on her side and then rolled on her back while cooing at them for attention. They just laughed while I picked her up and moved her to the cat tree. Both of the guys were sweating like crazy from the heat so I gave them bottled water to cool off. After checking pressure on the unit outside, checking freon levels, and taking panels off the AC to examine it, they determined some part that affects pressure for something was broken and needed to be replaced. They banged on it and it got the pressure to lower a bit and the temperature dropped a single degree. They said unfortunately the part has to be ordered and it can take a week to arrive.

I took my mother for an appointment with her podiatrist. She only has fungus on three toenails now and the said she's making such good progress that she doesn't have to come back as soon for the next visit. I'm hoping that by then the fungus might be gone from those toes since I've been using Fungicide PM or something like that on them-- and it seems to be working.
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No water in the well is a good thing. It is a pipe 10 feet into the ground to be able to measure ground water

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