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Old 05-16-2006, 05:57 PM  
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Default One thing you said may be a clue

Hi there -

I just joined the forum and was viewing some threads when I came across this one.

In your first post, you mentioned all of the devices that had failed or gone intermittant, one of which was a previously problematic hard drive (I think it failed on its own - you shouldn't have to erase it for it to work!). The Mac was also a three year old hard drive - possibly coincidence, as hard drives are made to such tight tolerances now that they fail far more easily.

The DVD player becomes a bit harder to explain, but having repaired consumer electronics for friends for years, it wouldn't surprise me at all to have problems with a DVD player even a few months after buying it.

Where things become interesting is the "problem with kitchen lights and outlet". If there is anything wonky in the electrical service in the apartment, this may be a clue to the source. When you have time, can you post the details? We might be able to pinpoint possible issues from there. I would also like to know more details on the lighting you returned - I worked in a lighting repair store for several years, I might be able to help there!


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Old 05-17-2006, 05:16 AM  
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Ok, I can sympathise with this...

I had a C.B. antenna, (30 foot job), on a 50 foot tower. And for the longest time, I was getting some type of interference... humming, buzzing static that eventually blew out my new curtis mathis tv (And of course, this is when they WENT OUT OF BUSINESS! hmmm conspiracy if you ask me!)...

It also affected my radios (Ham, CB, AM/FM)...

I was getting feed back from the air, into the antenna and tower..(even had a ground system in). So, I took the antenna down.... Still feed back.
I took the tower down... Cut it down a whole lot, but a little left.

I found realized later that I grounded the electrical system to my water pipes, and that didnt do any good, so, I put a better ground in, and that solved the entire problem... Oh, yea, they DID replace the faulty transformer outside my house after that too... hmmm

It drove me nuts for 5 months, thought it was thermostat noise, or dirty electric (spikes in power)... So, I sympathise with you because it can drive you batty....

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