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Old 05-08-2012, 05:37 PM  
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I have no problem with hiring cheap help if you can get it I am sure there are good people that need the money. I don't know what is like there but here if a home owner hires people like that he is responsible for there workers compansation and there safety, thing like scaffolding and harnesses and safety ropes, proper dust masks to deal with old insulation and the mold that you say is there. As this is a one time time deal they would ask for one qualified person on the job and a complete plan of action and proceedures. It may be cheaper to find a contractor with a sharp pencil.

I understand you like a flat roof but that is a big remodel and I would look at all the other options also. I would get quotes from a couple mold removal companies, and see just how bad that is. As you said the soffits are not vented properly, with them removed it may be possible to slide new rafters in along side the old ones.
These are the quotes you would need to go after the seller anyway and then you could decide whether a flat roof is worth going for.

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Originally Posted by misola View Post
I'm going to close on this house in a month. Inside it's 1250 square feet, but can't measure the outside for a few more weeks. The inspector I hired (who is a licensed builder also, but not practicing now) found that the older (1940's) part of the roof was made with rafters that were 8' and nailed together to make them 16'. That part of the roof is sagging in the middle. Not a huge problem immediately, but needs to be addressed. The newer part of the roof (1990) has some mildew on the inside and needs newer bigger air vents along the bottom. He says the newer part should come off and be replaced so the mildew doesn't spread or at least be coated with something. Stupid part (he said) is that the whole roof was recently redone with shingles over the old shingles and nothing else was addressed. This is why I'm thinking of tearing the whole roof off and putting a flat roof ( that I much prefer) on. Facts are the pre agreement states the seller has to repair or deduct from the price what the mortgage leader demands to be done and up to $10,000 for things the inspector found. Fact is that I'm in Michigan and with the economy here, he said there are skilled people on Criegs list. No one wants to under pay people but another fact is that I'm a disabled vet and this is my first house, so I live on a fixed income and have no way to improve my lot in life. I feel it's fine for me to save money hiring skilled people that wouldn't be working or want to work more in the summer, if I am able to. I'm purchasing the house through the Rural Devlopment program and I can also borrow up to $20,000 at 1% interest for 20 years, for repairs or upgrade's for reasonable purposes. But of course, every dollar I borrow comes off my monthly income for the next 20 years. If I can't get this done economically, I'll just put up with the sagging roof part and hire someone to coat the inside of the other part to stop the mildew. No problem either way. I never had a house in the first place and am 58 years old. Wanting things in good order and having some of my ideals (flat roof) etc. is fine in the perfect world, but I've lived in public housing for many years and know that there is no perfect world. No complaints, as every day above ground is all gravy, we always said.
If the location is what you must have and you're going to finish your days there, why not? It wouldn't take much to put a stair way in while they're framing the new roof, and you can make it a patio.
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Thanks for the background . . . Now I see why the roof change. I still believe you need a lead guy to oversee the grubt labor. N\Money well spent to make sure you get a quality end product. Honestly, you cannot expect quality at $10/hour unless they are supervised.

Good lluck with your new house.
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