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Default Copper compound on water heater pipe

Hello all:

I've got some, what it looks like, copper compound on a water pipe off the water heater.

How do I fix this problem?

Is there anything I can attach to the pipe to start a reverse galvanic action?

(What I remember from one my college courses, on ships, to prevent rust on the hull a chunk of magnesium is attached. )

If I don't do anything would this get worse?



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Old 07-12-2013, 06:41 PM  
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What you have is copper corrosion due to the presence of moisture ... either from condensation or a very small leak (drip?). Frankly, the guy who did the pipe sweating was consistent -- and bad since all those fittings are showing evidence of corrosion. The 90 degree drop ear elbow that is attached to the 2x4 was not soldered properly. It can be removed and replaced easily.

The solution is to re-plumb those connections and sweat new fittings onto the pipes. No a big deal and if I lives in SF, I'd drop by and do it for a nice dinner.

The flex-pipe was not properly connected too. It was either (a) not tightened enough (allowing a leak to develop) or (b) not aligned parallel to the copper "hard pipe" causing a tweak in the connection. Again, this can be removed and replaced easily -- because it is designed to work that way.

Sorry dude ...

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As men, you have to ask? Food and beer is the casual currency between friends and men. I routinely bet somebody "a six pack" to do something ... like the guy I bet could not find the bolt to fit a cast iron table leg. (He turned down the bet but did find the 12mm metric bolt)

Gathering for a meal is a time for telling stories, laughing, and enjoying good company. Since I appraoch HRT like a group of guys sitting around the job site, it is natural (for me) to joke about beer and food ... and ladies,

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