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Originally Posted by justinfl View Post
When we first moved into our house the whole backyard was filled with dandelions and other weeds. I spent weekends pulling dandelions and spraying the exposed earth. I found that using a screwdriver was the best way to pull them and get the majority of the roots out. Use the screwdriver to stab at the roots at a 45 degree angle from the base. I would do this repeatedly until the dandelion could be pulled with ease. Once the dandelion is out, spray the ground where the dandelion was uprooted. This works well for most weeds too, but the only problem is recovering the bare spot in the lawn. Sprinkle grass seed down and keep it watered and hopefully you will see sprouts in a few weeks. Using just the weed-be-gone sprays alone won't get rid of the problem, the roots don't die most of the time. Good luck, it is alot of labor but you will be happy with the results.
I'm glad to see someone else has also figured out the only way to have a dandelion free lawn.
That tap root is what makes the dandelion so difficullt to get rid of.
I don't believe you can ever get a high enough concentration of weed killer to that root by using a Weed-n-Feed weed killer/fertilizer poduct, or in spraying the dandelion with a Weed-B-Gon weed killer product that is designated for use in lawns. You do get enough weed killing action to get rid of the leaves, but the tap root survives, and you you have new healthy dandelions growing in exactly the same place in a few weeks.
Using a non-selective herbicide like Roundup will kill the dandelions, but then you have dead spots all over your lawn.
You are absolutely right that it takes a two step approach to get rid of these dandelions once and for all.
In your right hand you need a "weed digger" (that inexpensive fork shaped tool) and in your left hand a sprayer full of Weed-B-Gon (or some other weed killer designated for use in your lawn.
As soon as you lift out the dandelion leaves, and maybe the top 1/2 inch of the tap root, spray the Weed-B-Gon in that little hole (where the dandelion was) to kill the root. The Weed-B-Gon will not kill the grass, and your lawn will immediately look better.
A benefit of this approach is that an absolute minimum of chemicals are used. So you should feel better about children and pets playing in the yard.

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As for the people that don't take care of dandelions offer to paint their yards yellow for them it works. Then topseed with bluegrass it gets thick so weeds can't grow. I've had to do both.

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The people who are saying weed and feed is a bad road to follow are right. The granuals must stick to the weed leaf to be effective. This is only possible if you apply early morning after a heavy dew or after a rain when the lawn is still very wet. If you apply on a dry lawn or before a big rain, you just wasted some money except for the fertilizer part which will work fine.

Its best and much more effective to apply a wet weed killer on a mild not hot sunny day. The weed absorbs the poison through the leaf and the warm sun tricks the weed to conserve water sending the poison water down to the root. Your leaf weeds should be wilted within 24 - 48 hours and most likely you will see some result in a few hours. Not too hot temps because say above 80 might stress the good grass.

You could apply a dry fertilizer, then a wet weed killer with a hose end sprayer. After that go to your neighbors and drink his poison free dandelion wine. Modern consumer available weed killers degrade in your lawn quickly and arent much of a problem environmentally if applied as directed no more than twice year.

Repeating this process a couple weeks before first frost in fall will greatly cut down next years spring dandelion bloom to the point that you might only have to spot treat thereafter.
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I've used the Scotts program on my front yard on a reg basis
I also pull the dandelions
Between the 2 methods I have very few dandelions each year
Usually just what blows in, you have to keep applying every year
My side yard due to construction I have not touched - a mess
Lots of dandelions & other weeds

As you pull the tap root it expends more energy to get to the sun
Repeated pulling expends the energy & the root is gone
I have sprayed into the holes after I pull w/weedkiller
I generally get more of the tap root then 1/2" - up to 6"

You can effectively reduce the dandelions & keep them to a min
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