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Old 11-20-2007, 01:28 PM  
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Default Couple questions...

Hi, i'm new here, but i've been reading alot.... so i have a few questions for the wiring in my house. I have lots of wiring issues, so this won't be my last post.

First, i have a sunroom that needs heat. It's connected by a 6 ft door to the living room, so it will get some heat just by being there. It has 4 walls, 2 of them are covered by windows/doors. It also has a 240amp wall unit air conditioner out there that unfortunately, doesn't have a heater. What would my best option be for heat? Use a space heater type(like a baseboard, tower, etc) which would plug into a regular outlet, or can i use the existing 240 plug to connect a space heater to it? would either way be more efficient?

Second, On my main panel, I have a sub panel connected that powers a large addition to the house. this sub panel is fed by a 60 amp breaker, however, the main breaker on the subpanel, is a 100 amp, something seems off here. Why wouldn't the 60 amp supplying the sub be a 100 to match, or vice versa? Is this legal?

third and last(for now), I have a pool and the previous owner used to have a hot tub as well. Supplying the electrical for these pumps/heaters was a 50 amp wire running from the sub panel to the rear of the house, into another panel. In this panel are 2 GFCI breakers, 1 being a 30 amp, and 1 being a 20 amp. My pool isn't hooked up, so i was wondering, is the 20 amp more than likely what the pool wiring was hooked up to. Does this sound like the right way to wire something like this up? I'm not wiring for the hot tub, but i'd like to leave it there for future options. I have my pool guy coming out next week and would like to see if my pump works before winter gets here. But to do that, i have to have it wired correctly. there's just a long 3 wire connected to the pump(and also a convenience outlet) that runs to basically nowhere. should this connect to the 20 amp on the rear gfci breaker?

Yeah, we just bought the house and i'm totally redoing everything, so i need the help. With having to do so much, i can't afford to hire someone. I'm good and learning and figuring things out, just need the proper guidance! The electrical is a mess, but i have most of the house up and running.

any help would be greatly appreciated....and sorry for the long post!!!

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Old 11-21-2007, 10:35 AM  
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Welcome to the Forum, Watts:
A 240v baseboard heater would be the most efficient for the sun-room.
The sub-panel is legal it is using only 60amps of the 100amps.
The Pool and hot-tub wiring has a 30amp breaker for the heater and a 20amp for the pump.
You need to test the mystery connection to see if it has power to it.
Lastly, I think you need a professional electrician to do your wiring. There are several subtile mistakes in your post and you shouldn't gamble your life with your limited electrical knowledge.
You are worth more than that.
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Old 11-21-2007, 10:58 AM  
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thanks for the reply glenn, seems like you are always the one to reply first!

What do you mean by subtile mistakes? I won't be doing everything completely by myself. My neighbor is an electrician, and i'll have him look over what i do so i don't mess anything up too bad.

so the sub panel is ok? even though the subpanel has a main breaker of 100 amps....which is coming from the main panel, that has a 60 amp feeding it? This seems backwards to me, i would thing the sub panel would have the 60 and the feed from the main panel would be the 100. Right now it looks like this.....Main 60amp going to subpanel 100amp....

Thanks for the input on the baseboard heater, i'll put that on my list.

I can't test the mystery connection, because the whole pump isn't connected to anything. The wire that i supposed to be connected, is just laying out in the yard. Very cheaply done IMO, looks very ragedy. I probably will have an electrician come out to check it out. It doesn't cost that much to have that done. And it can wait til spring when we open the pool(which is a whole nother story in itself!)

Thanks again Glenn!!!
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