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Old 01-29-2008, 06:17 PM  
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Actually they were Krypton filled (heavier gas than argon).

I've seen several companies w/ triple pane units.

Seems to me the biggest difference in the windows is the frame design. How many insulating chambers and how they are configured to prevent heat flow there. There isn't much "innovation" in the actual window itself. Double/triple panes, low e coatings, etc. are all tricks that don't take much technology to do well.

Making a strong, efficient frame that moves easily and seals well is where you find the really good windows.

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Old 02-04-2008, 12:39 AM  
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Default Wood windows

Several comments. First, there are three main ways to replace windows with new wood windows. One can replace the sashes only with new sashes and a pair of vinyl tracks. Like a previous poster mentioned, you must have an opening perfectly square for the replacement kit to properly function. This option is for double hung windows only. Sine this method does not include a screen, you would also have to purchase a separate screen or a storm/screen combination. The second type is also a double hung replacement kit, but it comes in a retrofit frame that fits into the existing frame, and it normally includes a built-in screen. Even if the opening is out of square, this retrofit replacement frame can be put in square to properly operate. Both of these options generally cost less for labor than the third option. The third option is to replace the entire window unit, which would include the sashes, frame, sill, and interior/exterior trim. It is available with a screen, a storm/screen combination, or neither. Although the most costly for both labor and materials, this method allows the installer to properly insulate around the window frame and seal any potential water leaks or air infiltration issues. The first way works good if done right but would be (potentially) the least effective of the three. The 2nd method is better than the 1st, and potentially the 3rd method is the best. However, all three are acceptable if done correctly. Storm windows, by the way, are not really needed with modern energy-efficient windows, but if you're looking for historical authenticity it might create the right look. Triple glazed is available on clad windows and vinyl windows; it's a bit more difficult to find it on wood-only windows.

As for sound reduction, buying a double glazed, gas filled replacement window might be "noisier" than your original windows. It disappoints me when I hear of salespeople or contractors promise that new windows will reduce outside noise. If you're replacing a double glazed window system (single glazed plus a storm) with a double or even triple glazed window in which all of the new panes are the same thickness, the respective panes of glass are all working to reduce the same noise frequencies and every extra layer of glass will add little benefit. It's a commonly misunderstood issue. To significantly reduce outside noise one pane must be thicker than the other (they would block a greater range of noise frequencies), or better yet one can use laminated glass, which is so far superior to any other noise-reducing glass system in any window.

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Old 02-26-2008, 03:34 PM  
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this is a pretty good site for price comparing different brands of windows.

its mostly vinyl now, but wood windows will be there soon too. a new tool for the consumer that wants to really investigate the price of windows including installation or not.
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Old 04-07-2008, 09:16 AM  
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Default Real Wood Replacement Windows

Anderson makes wood replacement windows custom, to fit any opening. I believe the name brand is Renewal by Anderson. I haven't installed these but I think they work through dealers. I believe that Pella also makes a real wood custom replacement window. These type windows might cost more upfront but you'll have no cost in fixing your siding our patching your inside walls like you would if you change the window size. In the long run, these are probably cheaper. I'm not sure if these guys ContractorsUSA Replacement Windows sell them but I know they have a large network of window installers. I'm sure the Historical Society knows of other products available because you are obviously not the 1st person that wanted to change windows in a historical district. I'd ask them for ideas. Good luck!

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Triple pane is worth the price, with the price of heating and cooling going up and up.
Marvin makes very good windows,I dont like the Marvin tilt pack that comes in a pizza box, or any that use that jamb liner system.
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Originally Posted by Hack View Post
As some of you know, I live in a pretty old home. It is not very energy efficient, but we're trying to change that without changing the "feeling" of the home.

As we strive to be more energy efficient with CFL's, insulation, more efficient applicances, etc., we have one area that we haven't discussed until now...


We are considering replacing our single pane double hung windows with more efficient windows of the same style.

We are restricted in what we can do because we live in a historic neighborhood. We can only replace the windows with wood windows (no aluminum, or clad windows)

Before I start calling window contractors, does anybody have a gut feel of how much double hung wood framed insulated glass windows will cost? Are they $500 each installed? $1,000 each installed? MORE???? LESS????

I'm just trying to get a budgeting number so we can plan our projects accordingly.


A friend of mine had to follow certain historical guidelines like you have to do, and he got Pella windows. They were expensive but damn if they don't look good and appear to function really well.

Another guy I know had a carpenter make wooden windows. Even more expensive but a work of art when you see a guy who can really do a good job with his hands.

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