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Default Strong Pet oder and stains on floors

I recently purchased a house close to where I live. My current home will be torn down in spring because it is in a flood plain. Anyways the new (old) home was housing 2 adults, 10 dogs, and numerous cats upstairs. Because of all that and the fact it was going to be foreclosed I was able to get at a big discount.

The entire downstairs is oak flooring and stained from the many dogs. In fact the home reeks of pet urine. The floors have never been sanded so I am looking to do a really good sand job on them but the smell has me concerned. Has anyone dealt with something this bad and if so How did you proceed.


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I've heard that a product called "Nature's Miracle" (which can be purchased at many pet stores) works very well at removing pet urine odors.

You should also be aware than all mammal urine fluoresces under ultraviolet light, and that professional cleaning contractors use black lights made specifically for locating pet urine stains to find and treat pet urine odors.

Bane-CleneŽ Ultra-Violet Black Light Pet Urine Detector
Bane-clene is a well respected name in the janitorial service sector of the economy.

This web page caters to the janitorial service sector:

http//:Cleanfax Online :: Brought to you by Grand View Media

Type "black light" into the search engine on that web site and read some articles on using black lights to find and eliminate pet odors.

I'm thinking that if the urine smell is as bad as you describe, then refinishing the hardwood floor might not be an option available to you. You might have to tear out that hardwood to remove the smell entirely from the house. I've heard of cases where the pet urine penetrated so deeply into the floor system that the home owners had to remove the carpet AND the plywood underlayment in the house to eliminate the pet urine smell.

If that turns out to be your only option, then keep in mind that some high end carpet underpad is sold as "pet pad" because it's made by blowing the rubber with less blowing gas so that the bubbles inside the rubber underpad don't interconnect. That makes the underpad impermeable to pet urine, and should also help prevent pet urine odors in the living space of the house.

But, I should also admit that I don't have any personal experience doing this sort of work.

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Hi though i dont have any experience in this type of problem, let me tell you some information which i know. i think in your case the flooring is wooden , hope i am correct, if so the wood have absorbed the pet's urine and it would have gone deep inside so i think you have to go in for professional cleaning or odor removing department help. because in case of tile flooring it is a bit easy to clean by when comes to wooden flooring its a bit difficult.
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Call a few local wood flooring & cleaning companies and get their advice cleaning companies. It's only advice so it won't cost anything.
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Default pet urine wood floor

Call a few local wood flooring & cleaning companies and get their advice cleaning companies. It's only advice so it won't cost anything.
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With that much of a pet urine issue you will almost certainly lose the hardwood and possibly areas of the sub floor.

We did a house in Poughkeepsie, NY that the owner had died in and had like 15 cats running around. We actually went down to the sub floor in the whole house and still had to cut several areas of sub floor out before getting the smell out of there.

Keep in mind that you may also have issues with the smell sticking to the ceiling and walls. A good wipe down with soapy water should be able to take care of all of that. That will also be true for all the trim work and doors. Basicly all surfaces.

I have also found that cats, being the nasty little buggers they are, love to do their buisness in and around radiators, furnaces and anything giving off radiant heat. Be sure to check those areas.

Disposing of any cats that may be creeping around will probably help also, which by the time you get done with this project your gonna hate cats for the rest of your life.

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