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Very nice info Nestor. That's kinda new to me.

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Originally Posted by Nestor_Kelebay View Post
No, in Canada the basketball hoops are 10 feet off the ground just like in the US. You might be surprised to learn that the game of basketball was invented by a Canadian; Dr. James Naismith.
James Naismith was a Canadian born phys ed instructor working at a boys school in Springfield, Massachusettes. He was looking for a game that would keep the students at his school in good physical shape through the winter months when it was too cold to do much outside. So, he fastened some peach baskets to the floor level of an overhead running track, gradually hammered out the basic rules of the game through trial and error, and so was born the game we now know as "Basketball".
History of Basketball - James Naismith
Even today, basketball is one of the basic sports kids in Canada are taught to play. That, and vollyball. In the winter months, both provide a great way to burn off spare energy because of all the running and jumping involved. Any activity that involves lots of running and jumping will keep a person in shape.

Here in Canada, Boxing Day has become established as the day when all the really good sales happen. You buy gifts for your friends and relatives for Christmas, but you wait until Boxing Day to buy something for yourself. It's kinda like the "Black Friday" thing in the US. It was basically Sears that started the Boxing Day Sale tradition by having their "After Christmas Sale" on the first business day after Christmas, and as the laws changed to allow stores to open when they wanted to, that became the very next day after Christmas, or Boxing Day. Sears would advertise on TV with the jingle: "Almost everything you wanted but didn't get for Christmas is on sale now at Sears!" I dunno if it was just me, but that jingle kinda rubbed my fur the wrong way. What they were really saying was: "OK, now that we both know you don't really need to buy this stuff for Christmas anymore, we're gonna put it all on sale." Nowadays, most stores in Canada that open on Boxing day, especially the electronics stores, typically have a big blow-out sale that day.

I used to get up real early and stand in line for the stores to open on Boxing day, but I guess it's just not in me anymore to do that. I've come to appreciate good sleep more than good bargains.
Oh I knew all this. The made us learn about it in school.

In regards to the sales. I bought 5lbs of m&m's yesterday when I was at the grocery store because they were on sale. I'm going to be eating red and green m&m's till summer.

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5 pounds of M&M's?

They must sell it by the pail!
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No but it was bag fulls upon bag fulls and my thought was "I buy them all year round, How could this go bad?". Thinking about them gives me equal feelings of nausea and excitement.

If they sold them in a pail at least I would have a nice m&m's bucket.
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