Unsightly Holes in Your Wall

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Whether you punched a hole in the wall with a door knob or with a piece of moving furniture, you can make your wall look brand new with a few simple steps. When I rehabbed houses with my father, dealing with drywall holes was a common occurrence, and we were masters at making them disappear forever. But dealing with a hole in your wall will depend on the size.

Dry Wall

If you are dealing with dry wall, be sure to peel any shreds away. Sand around the edges of the wall to make way for spackling compound. Start with one piece of mesh tape horizontally and two more pieces in an X pattern over the first piece. Use joint compound over the tape, and allow to dry over time. Once it is dry, sand over the compound and apply another layer if necessary.

If you are dealing with smaller holes, simply take your spackling compound to cover the small hole.

With larger holes, cut a rectangular or square pattern around the hole. Measure the size of the hole and cut out a new piece of dry wall matching the measurements. When prying out the square, be sure to cut diagonal lines from each corner of the square to the center in order to break out the damaged wall evenly.

Place the new piece inside the hole, and don't worry if the measurements do add up since you'll be using spackling compound to seal any spaces. If you are close to a wall stud, all the better, but if not, you'll have to add some boards to the studs. You can do this by cutting a small piece of lumber and sticking it behind the square hole in the wall. Secure the board in with drywall screws in a vertical fashion, with an additional screw in the middle. Now you're ready to patch in the new hole.

Take your tape and place over the spaces in the hole, and apply spackling compound. Apply over the entire hole to make everything disappear. Once all is dry, simply smooth out any rough surfaces.

Apply paint when ready.

Painted Walls

Damaged to finished walls can be especially stressful, especially if you are living in a rental facility.

Fearful of not getting your deposit back? NO WORRIES.

With the right methods, the landlord won't even notice any damages, and you'll have your deposit back in no time.

For wall dents, simply use spackling compound and paint over. You'll have to find out what type of paint you'll need in order to fully conceal the damage. If you live in a rental facility, the landlord usually has some extra paint lying around.

For larger holes, apply the same techniques as you would with naked dry wall, only this time you'll paint once the compound is smoothed out.

The wet paint will look out of place, but once dried, it will be as if the accident never occurred.

The Lazy Route

I pride myself on fixing things no matter what, but sometimes I take shortcuts every now and then. If you don't have the time or tools to fix holes in your holes, here are some quick-fix solutions.

-Hang a picture over the wall. If the hole is high enough simply hang a small or large painting over it. This an out-of-sight-out-of-mind tactic that is not only a fast solution, but it will add some refinement to your home. Wall mirrors are also a nice touch.
-For mid to lower level holes, place a piece of future where the hole is, such as a side table or chair.
-If you don't want to use tape and measure, and the hole is not that big, usually spackling compound alone will get the job finished. Once dried, simply paint and gloss over with paint.
-Hire someone to do it for you. In just about every neighborhood, there's a helpful retiree or general handyman who will dothis kind of work for a small price. For many people, this is a second form of income.

These are temporary solutions that will get you over until you can get around to fixing the damage. And as you get to fixing the holes, you'll realize just how it is to begin with.

Unsightly Holes in Your Wall - uvengwa - hole-in-walls-40.jpg
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