Ways To Protect Your Glass Table Tops

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Glass furniture has been quite in fashion today. If you wish to have a modern and chic interior of the home, then you cannot miss having glass table tops in your list of interiors. Having a glass table will no doubt add to the luxury and beautification of your home and office? However, though having a glass table top adds to the beautification of the home, but they need proper maintenance to keep their shine and beauty intact. In case if you are using it as patio furniture; that is using it for outdoors then you need to protect it from harsh weather condition to keep its lustre and beauty intact. Seems to be very tough; no it is not, in fact, with the few tricks that will be discussed in this article you will be able to keep your glass tops forever new just the same when you bought them, even after years.
Positioning the furniture properly

Deciding the position of your glass table top is important foremost of all to keep your table safe. The basic fact that we must always take care of, is that the glass table tops sometimes slips' sight as that are not very prominent like the woods or the plastic tables. Though with those that are colored it is not a problem, but those that are transparent, sometimes misses out of sight; and the chances of missing it will be more if the place where it has been kept is poorly lit.The edges specially are very treacherous and in order that people do not bump into the edges, you need to position it in a place that does not come in the way of walking.

The best place to keep the glass table top is to place it against the wall or to keep it in a place where there will be abundant light. Proper light will increase the visibility of the glass and not only that it will also increase its reflection making it look shinier: rather adding to its attractiveness. Proper lighting will make more prominent to eyes and hence there will be fewer accidents of people bumping to it. However, if you are planning to set it in your home and you have kids at your place, then you need to be extra cautious. Though it is not possible to keep the children out of the reach of the glass tables, but you must be very cautious and it will be better if you can place the glass table in such a place where children do not come often.

Use a table cloth to protect from scratches
Another accessory that can be used to protect the glass table top is the use of the table cloth. Though the use of the table cloth might hide the shining and the attractiveness of the table, but it will surely provide safety to the table and protect the glass from getting scratches. The table cloths are generally made of soft fabrics like cotton and come in a variety of designs. Some might be embroidered, there are certain with thread crochet designs and some of them come in with beautiful lace attached to them. Whichever design you choose it will add to the beauty of your table. These days cable covers are also available that are made of fine rubber with beautiful designs carved upon them, you can also choose them which will not only increase the safety of the glass table, but it will also make it look smart if you can further decorate it with a beautiful center piece or vases. Adding fresh flowers will only increase the aura of your interior.

Final notes
In case you are using the glass table top of the purpose of the dining or as snacks table, it will be better if you keep some coasters on your table. This will prevent the glass top from accumulating the scratches while sliding the plates or glasses on the table. Direct exposure of the glass tables to sunlight is highly unadvised as extreme heat might cause the chipping of the glasses. Sudden vibrations might also affect glass table tops, so to buffer the vibrations one can use rubber pads on the feet of the tables. So however you handle your glass table with care. Learn more about table top in altona meadows, hoppers crossing and glass table top werribee.

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