Winter Cleaning. Tips and Tricks for Easy Home Maintenance

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Winter is the perfect time of the year to give your home a good, thorough cleaning. Since you probably spend most of your leisure time indoors due to the cold weather outside, you can finally take care of some things that have been neglected up until now.

Even if you clean your home every week, there will still be areas that will require more attention and care.

Let's see how we can make our home clean, healthy and organized with the following tips and tricks. General Guidelines To optimize and facilitate the whole cleaning process, tackle one room at a time. Prioritize your chores by preparing a cleaning to-do list. List all rooms you need to clean and include specific goals to keep you motivated.

Turn on some nice music to make time flies faster.

Do not hesitate to ask for help whether that will be your children or wife/husband, ask them to join so that you can clean faster. Windows Winter is especially harsh on windows due to all the moisture that accumulates on them. Clean your windows using a mixture of white vinegar and warm water.

Don't forget to tackle the frames and any woodwork.


If you have carpets, make sure to vacuum them thoroughly and hang them outside to air out for a bit. Vacuum the floors and sweep them with the mop. Winter is also a suitable time to wax wooden floors.

Kitchen Area

Empty the fridge and remove all shelves and crispers. Wipe the interior from top to bottom using multi-surface cleanser or home-made cleaning solutions (baking soda and warm water will do wonders for cleaning kitchen appliances).

Pick a day when you won't use the over and spray the inside with an oven cleaning spray.

Leave the detergent to sip for a few hours this way you will clean debris and dirt much


Besides cleaning floors and surfaces, you will also need to declutter all rooms. Put everything in its rightful place books on shelves, clothes in the closet, don't leave anything unattended. Decide if you want to throw stuff you won't need broken toys, torn clothes, old shoes, etc.

Winter cleaning can be easy, simple and enjoyable as long as you have a system and a trusted assistant willing to share the chores with you.

In case you don't have the availability or time to clean on your own, consider contacting a local cleaning provider for maintaining your home. Most after builders cleaning services in London offer cleaning maids and provide discounts in case you want to use their help on a regular basis.

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