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    Sometimes I really think the "farmer" is playing us. This guy can't be this clueless. Can he?
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    Jackie Graham
    Just trying to master my own home reno's one day at a time
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    John White
    John White is a business owner of White Mechanical, Inc. who is dedicated to provide better solution to HVAC problems.
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    Able Glass
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    you cant know it all....
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    20 yrs commercial/residential plumbing at northeastern university Boston mass
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  12. geof
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    welcome to the site. :welcome:
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    Happy birthday from HouseRepairtalk
  16. Wethephillips
    Wethephillips speedy petey
    I have been looking on this site for help running wire from the power box at curb to house meter. I have seen some of you other post and this leads me to believe that you could help. We recently had a house built and we have power lines that run underground. I was wondering what kind of wire would we need and do you know how deep the wires have to be? Or any place I might be able to get this info thanks so much.
  17. TheDoorGuy
    Hi again,
    They only allow 1000 letters per post so I could not say that I am very sorry that
    I did not respond to you in a more timely manner... I just saw the message notification
    this morning. If you have any more door questions or concerns just let me know.

    BTW...What lake do you live on?
  18. TheDoorGuy
    Some type of french door would probably suit you best.
    They all consist of a frame, usually about 4" wide, around
    the outside with glass set into the inside of that frame. It can have
    one large clear pane of glass or be divided typically into 5 lites, 10 lites or
    my favorite, marginal lites.
    Here is a link to some wood french door styles> T.M. Cobb Exterior Doors - French Doors Collection >.
    If your door opening has protection from sun and especially rain I would say that a wood door would work fine for you. However they will not hold
    up very well when exposed to the weather.

    In those cases I recommend fiberglass french doors. They come in the
    single lite layout and are available with removable wood inserts that
    give them a divided lite look. They are warrantied for at least 20 years
    so even though you don't get as many choices for styles they are a
    really good durable product.
  19. fivefussells
    fivefussells Redwood
    Thanks for your post. I've read a few of your posts and they seem to be the most helpful to those of us who are inexperienced. I appreciate your thoroughness, patience and willingness to help others!
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