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    My Basement Renovation Diary

    a section of the new block foundaiton wall
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    My Basement Renovation Diary

    Some pictures of the issues found behind the drywall:
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    My Basement Renovation Diary

    Thanks for the info on adding pictures and for the welcome. This is a set of before pictures,
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    My Basement Renovation Diary

    In January, we purchased a home built in 1864. The house currently has a basement with headroom of between 5'9" and 6', we are currently in the process of digging out the basement. Before everyone cautions me about the risk of such a project performed by a homeowner let me tell you that I have...
  5. new footer

    new footer

    I will be building the new cinder block wall on this footer. the voids in the block will be filled with cement as well as the area between the block wall and old foundation wall. making this a 13-14" steel reinforced wall.
  6. tank less hotwater heater combo

    tank less hotwater heater combo

    we added this unit to save room in the basement and also as a cost saving. I was able to eliminate the old boiler and traditional electric hot water heater.
  7. foundation wall

    foundation wall

    basement challenges
  8. beam and support column

    beam and support column

    basement challenges
  9. joist repair needed

    joist repair needed

    basement challenges
  10. rot found during demo

    rot found during demo

    basement challenges
  11. wiring issues

    wiring issues

    basement challenges
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    Hello Everyone

    its not going to be possible to waterproof from the outside, I was planning on doing it on the inside. I have had no water in the basement this spring and we had 6' of snow and a couple 4"+ rain storms. I was considering a drainage system on the inside that connects to a sump pump.
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    Hello Everyone

    yes this is how I was told would be the best way to do it.
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    Hello Everyone

    after speaking with a structural engineer and several contractors in the area. I decided to build what will amount to a 2nd foundation wall using blocks 8x8x16 on top of a footer that will be twice the width of the block and all reinforced with rebar. this will be done a section at a time for...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello- I have just purchased a home built in 1864 and will soon start the renovation process. After lots of research We will be starting with the basement by lowering the floor 3 feet (yes I know it's a huge job :rofl: ) I will documenting everything on my youtube channel...