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    replaced dryer vent now dryer is cold inside.

    Yeah I'd say you replaced that vent not one instant too soon. Overheating dryers can cause house fires, if the clothes are dry and cool an hour later that is what you want.
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    Unsure about washer/dryer set

    The reason why it comes off as so much work is because that's all it is, a whole lot of work for little to no benefit. There's no upgrade in doing this, you'd just be trading sideways, one set of problems for another, no good.
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    AC Shuts Off When it’s Hot Outside

    I have to replace mine in some kind of order as well but in the meantime I bought myself some "time" in the form of an 8000 btu window unit I think I paid $140 for it 5+ years ago, new.
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    Question about RainBird ST8 sprinkler controller

    That does make sense, but speaking from my own experience rain is a sporadic event that does occur on a somewhat regular basis. Whether it rains once a week or once a month, that is how much and how often it rains. Granted it is annoying when it rains a lot on top of the irrigation system...
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    Question about RainBird ST8 sprinkler controller

    You want my advice, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
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    Lawnmower help

    Steps in acquiring proper part number. 1. Download Parts manual for your lawn mower: 2. See Number 8 gives us the engine group which further reveals...
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    Water leaking from front of window a/c.

    Mine was doing something similar, except instead of dripping inside it was slinging condensate out the top fins by picking up water from the bottom "pan" with the fan blades. I didn't think it was low on freon because the evap coils would've frozen to a solid block of ice and then nothing would...
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    How many folks use the energy saving bulbs?

    Mhhhhmmm, yeah... The problem is that I pay 11 cents a kilowatt hour, so it really doesn't matter on a small scale whether a light bulb uses 5 or 10 watts an hour, if I leave it on 24-7 that 10 watt bulb uses exactly... 240 watts a day x 365 = 87.6 kilowatt hours, or about $10 a year. You...
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    Repair or replace HVAC?

    Shoot mine looked like that years ago, they just get to chugging a little more and they make some mildly disturbing noises and all but beyond that they keep on getting it, I'd have to guess it's been at least 2 years since the last service on mine. My attitude is if it ain't broke don't fix it...
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    First time central air & heating

    Agreed, but as a sole proprietor of a different contracting business I can also tell you I do a far better job when my hands are not tied tightly behind my back. Matter of fact, I so firmly believe in doing a good job first that I categorically refuse to even give a quote when I sense but the...
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    Sealing off the fireplace

    Might not look the greatest, might not be the most professional way, but I would see about getting some of that fiberglass insulation like they sell on a roll, you don't need a whole roll so I'm not sure what to tell you, but 4-6 feet and just wedge it up in there. The problem here is if anyone...
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    Insulating Closed Walls

    If you're DIY'self your best bet would be to tackle ceiling insulation first, of course you may have already done this but I thought I'd mention it. I understand the walls need it, but the ceiling is far more important and easier (might be cheaper but I wouldn't bet on it). Unless the attic is...
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    Air Compressor Timer

    Is this an air compressor such as which might be used for pneumatic tools and the like? That's the only thing I've ever heard called an air compressor, now I am sorry but if you got one that doesn't shut itself down when the tank reaches a certain psi then I suggest you go to Northern...