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    Wiring Scenarios

    Does anyone have suggestions regarding these wiring scenarios? I have a mobile work bench with built-in tools and I need to supply power to the work bench for its tools and receptacles. I plan on using the cable from a 10 gauge extension cord, the first ±20-30 feet of cable will go from a wall...
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    Claim against Bond

    They walked off the job, and I have paid them nothing, I am out the cost of the tile. The labor & tile cost to re-do will far exceed their contract price. Plus they damaged existing marble which i have estimates to restore.
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    Claim against Bond

    I just had a GC install some tile and it is horrible workmanship. Every tile installer I have interviewed since says it all needs to be demo'd and start over. Can anyone give me some guidance on going after the GC's bond.
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    Tub Drain Solution?

    I could use your help with options for installing the drain on a freestanding tub. The install is on a concrete slab, so what I have leftover from the previous tub is a square hole in the slab, dirt below, and the old P-Trap in the hole. My concern is that the install instructions ask you...
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    Moving a circuit

    Would any electrical pros check me on this please. I have removed a jet spa bathtub, so now there is a receptacle that I don't need. On the bathroom end is a GFCI receptacle where the pump plugged in. On the panel end is a 20a breaker. Yellow romex connecting them. This appears to be...
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    Venting AV Exhaust

    I could use some feedback on options to terminate an AV closet exhaust fan. It’s an inline fan located in the attic, and since it’s only venting warm dry air I don’t think I need to worry about moist air such as from a bathroom. Guesstimates: - the exhausted air from the AV equipment...
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    Dishwasher Power Cord

    I need to make a dishwasher power cord. New DW specs: 12a/1450w Min 14g 167ºf Current house wiring: dedicated 20a circuit [12g] 15a split receptacle [w/disposal] Q: Can I use ±6' of SJOOW [300v] & add a 15a plug? [the other end = pigtail to DW] Q: 14/3 [18a] or 12/3 [25a] Is...
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    Adding new receptacle and switch

    I am getting hammered on other forums for not using pigtails. It's pigtails, or you are a hack! Can any pros out there explain all the pros and cons. Is it easier, faster, cheaper, or is it truly the only way to wire without causing electrical problems, fires? I don't care which way, its...
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    Adding new receptacle and switch

    Yes. The drawing was meant to illustrate one x-long ground wrapped around the screw, then continuing on. Is there any benefit to tail'n the grounds. It would seem the only difference is 4 wires in the nut vs 3? NEW QUESTION: I have always wondered, when wiring inside of a box, is there...
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    Adding new receptacle and switch

    Now I'm more confused. I thought that a drawing would help visualize my setup. Here is another drawing. Notes: * Existing Romex is approximately 2' from Box 3, and once cut there will not be enough slack to do anything but box each end. * This is NOT a regular switch. It has 4 permanent...
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    Adding new receptacle and switch

    Hello, I would appreciate any pro electricians to check my proposed wiring. I need to add a new receptacle and switch to my AV closet by tapping into an existing circuit. The receptacle will be to power the AV gear, and the switch will turn on/off a cooling fan. Assuming that there are...