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    New furnace is making a clicking/ticking noise

    The ticking sound is very intermittent. It only makes a single tick when it does it. It varies how loud it is, never super loud but loud enough I can hear it with my bedroom door closed. I really cant tell where its coming from. Would pictures help at all?
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    New furnace is making a clicking/ticking noise

    I recently had a new Goodman furnace installed in my apartment and it started making an intermittent clicking/ticking noise. It didn't make this noise when I ran the heat in April and didn't make it the whole summer when I ran the AC. The intermittent noise is short and varies in how loud it is...
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    Is this window installed correctly?

    Hello everyone, I live in apartment and have been having some problems with my bedroom window. I had no issues with it for many years and it got cracked one day (i think from ice somehow hitting it) and I had it replaced. The window now makes like a popping/clicking noise at times. It does it...