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    Zero step entry

    A gravel or packed dirt slope up to the doorway is not going to remain a smooth transition for long. You need a hard surface for your stepless walkway or ramp. Rain splashing on the ramp cannot be avoided unless the ramp is covered. The splashing will mean that the bottom of the door will be...
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    What are these dark stripes in the toilet bowl?

    It is mineral deposits from the last few drops of flush water entering the bowl (via the rim holes). Then more mineral deposits occur as water evaporates at the water surface thus leaving the ring at the resting water level in the bowl. Give it a coupl'a million years and you get stalagmites...
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    Boxes Too Good to Toss

    I meant bringing boxes back to the store to use to carry your groceries home in in lieu of having to consume more bags. Not to leave for the store to dispose of.
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    What are some things I can do with that slab of masonry that came with the house?

    Not a good tabletop. Could crack and collapse unexpectedly and spill all the food and drinks onto the ground. Would make a table too heavy when combined with adequate structure underneath to prevent such spillage.
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    Boxes Too Good to Toss

    Bring some cardboard boxes back to the store on your next shopping trip. If someone left a shopping cart in the middle of nowhere near where you parked, that would make it a little easier to bring the boxes into the store Cut the tape seams and fold cardboard boxes flat for storage and future...
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    Connecting things to an already near full panel

    If your heat pump does not have a reverse mode for room cooling then you will need a separate air conditioner unit if you need cooling. But your load calculation should figure that you don't turn both of them on at the same time.
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    Connecting things to an already near full panel

    Yes, a subpanel needs a breaker in the panel feeding it. Each separate building or structure (including the main house itself) needs a master breaker, usually located at the top of the first panel in that building. An ordinary on-off switch (double pole for a 120/240 volt or 240 volt only...
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    Connecting things to an already near full panel

    Six gauge (copper) wiring to the subpanel is rated 55 amps but you may put a 60 amp breaker (round up to the next stock size) in the supra panel. Two gauge wiring is rated for 95 amps and you may use a 100 amp breaker. But if your subpanel load analyses (sample rules at the back of the NEC code...
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    Electrical box grounding or supply issue?

    Correction, you are right. When there is only one more wire (besides the hot wires) coming into the panel from the meter, that one wire serves as both neutral and ground. Or metal conduit can be the ground. The third fat wire must go to the neutral lug in the panel or neutral bus bar. There are...
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    Electrical box grounding or supply issue?

    Most likely a loose connection in the new panel or upstream. When lights throughout the house get dim, are there a few that don't dim? Put an incandescent (old fashioned bulb) light on a circuit that does not dim for a second opinion. Better yet, get a voltmeter (or multimeter) so you can...
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    Water issues. Regrading around foundation?

    The ground up to the foundation needs to slope away and be of a consistency similar to that of the lawn further away. If you do not have enough height you can add at the foundation, then carve away from the maximum allowed grade sloping down gently anyway. At some point many feet away from the...
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    How do I stop the roots of a tree from killing my grass?

    In addition, the needles falling from the spruce trees will make the soil under them and a few feet beyond their drip lines more acidic than the grass likes. You may need to apply lime to the soil in that area.
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    covering an unsightly septic tank hole

    The riser should be sealed to the top of the septic tank and should not be much larger in surface area than the port (opening; hole) in the septic tank. This is done to minimize the amount of rain water that seeps through the soil and ending up in the septic tank. The concrete or steel hatch...
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    burn marks on outlet

    The exact cause will remain unknown until you find it, perhaps by X-raying some of the applicable materials. 1. The cord wires were not properly connected to the plug prongs* or said connections were damaged by rough handling. 2. The plug prongs did not make good contact with the contacts in...
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    Plywood for long term (1-2 years) countertops

    Sticky edge (not click lock) flooring strips (imitation wood planks) would have been better than peel and stick tiles. Use rubber cement or contact cement to hold it down on the plywood. Three quarters inch plywood would have been better than half inch, to avoid bowing and give.