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    Toilet tank bolts (getting them watertight)

    Add more nuts and washers. From the top (inside the tank it should go like this: Bolt head, rubber washer, tank bottom, metal washer, nut, shim, bowl rear mount, metal washer, rubber washer, wing nut. Tighten (not tremendously tight) the first nut (which ends up between the tank and the bowl)...
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    Looking for non-intrusive power strip for floor outlet

    A disadvantage of the cube is that, when unplugging and replugging things you put wear and tear on the innards of the wall or floor receptacle. You get less wear and tear if you unplug the cube straight out from the receptacle before changing plugs in the cube. A typical power strip (or...
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    Need help wiring 2 separate 3-way switches on the same circuit

    Don't forget that in a 3 way switch setup, a white wire connected to a switch terminal is not a neutral (and both ends of that wire should be marked with a band of black tape or stain). Hot and neutral accompany each other in the power cable that comes in to feed your lights or your switches...
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    Hole in Basement Floor

    I missed the part about your feet. Scratch what I said before. The hole should not be filled in and should not have hard to lift floor coverings over it. While it would be nice if water spilled elsewhere on the floor gravitated towards the hole, it is not necessary or desirable to skim coat...
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    Hole in Basement Floor

    Are you sure you do not have ground water or storm water leaking or seeping into the basement? Pour water on the floor in many different places (including next to the water heater and next to the washing machine) to see if every puddle gravitates towards the hole. Then you can see if the hole...
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    water line under footings

    In order to lay the pipe you would have to disturb the land up against the pipe. Have a few inches of fine sand on all 4 sides of the pipe, well tamped, together with tamping any disturbed ground nearby that the foundation will rest on, and the pipe should be fine. Then, should the foundation...
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    Can't get garage door closed tightly

    If you get rid of the tendency of the door to rise again an inch after being pushed all the way down then the opener will need to exert more force during the opening cycle. I am guessing that the overall power consumption in the long run will become greater.
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    Tesla Achilles Heel

    Don't look now but pure lithium (a metal) reacts with water to give off hydrogen gas and heat.
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    Porperty Lines question

    You will want to find out the property line because it is possible the old fence is not positioned correctly. If you go ahead and build the new fence and no one objects then the new fence might become the property line after so many years due to adverse possession (squatters' rights). You might...
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    OK to use highest rated filter?

    I unscientifically suggest: If the store has 3 grades of the same filter brand, choose the lowest. If 4 grades, choose the second lowest.
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    Bonded Ground and Neutal in Outbuilding Panel

    The old feed would not have to be disconnected assuming it (without an equipment grounding conductor) was legal when it was installed. (It was much more than 6 years ago when ungrounded feeds were outlawed.) Except if you need more amperage you would have to decommission the old feed when...
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    Is it recommended to connect french drain to downspouts?

    Water must not pool up around the foundation. It is usually not a good idea for water to go down into a hole close to the foundation. But if water did go down such a hole and never overflowed and never seeped into the basement then you are okay for now. Small amounts of wetness where the...
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    Draining pressure tank

    A pressure tank with a bladder must have an air inlet valve somewhere, usually at the opposite end from the water pipe connection. Possibly covered with a screw on plastic cap or escutcheon or trim piece. During normal system operation, several gallons of water go into and then out of the...
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    Grading the yard and installing French Drain. DIY?

    You need to regrade the land gently away from the house as far as possible, then if absolutely necessary slope up more sharply to meet the original level near the lot line. I do not think you need or want any French drains, except slightly below basement floor level around the foundation...
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    Wiring Problem

    If you mix wire gauges then the breaker for the entire branch circuit has to go with the smallest gauge wire, for example mixing 12 and 14 gauge the maximum breaker rating is 15 amps. Sometimes using a larger wire gauge than the intended or required breaker rating is necessary, for example a...