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    Help Identifying a Bulb

    They make LED lamps with the smaller (candelabra-E12-C7 and intermediate-E17-C9) bases although not all permutations of different styles and color temperatures in all bulb shapes and base sizes. Caution: Some LED lamps have a plastic collar just above the metal base (like in the picture above)...
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    What's the Truth about Lumens vs Watt Equivalency in LED Downlights?

    Roughly the lumens conundrum and lumens discrepancy is due to the directional nature of LEDs. For the LED downlight the rated lumens should be what comes out downward. For a typical incandescent lamp the lumens rating takes into account the light going in all directions. Much of the light, maybe...
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    Best friend's house burned on Easter

    OT: I would suggest holding off on purchase of materials for interior renovation until he gets back to work. No way of knowing how long the unemployment will last.
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    Got a scam email with my password to this site

    You should not click anything inside that email. Better yet, close down the browser (Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.) , and wait 30 seconds before restarting it. Another new spam and hacking threat. Or is it an old spam and hacking threat? You get an email from the Mailer Daemon or the Postmaster...
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    Dishwasher Drain Problem

    Why was the OP's original plumbing illegal? The drainpipe is the same thing as a washing machine standpipe with trap at the bottom. A washing machine drain hose also fits loosely into its standpipe to create an air gap. The dishwasher connection has a high loop to reach the top of the standpipe.
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    What's this pipe in my sump pit??

    Maybe there was a floor drain and that is now covered over with the floor tiles. No great loss, unless a lot of water got spilled on the floor.
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    Idea help to heat/insulate this bathroom !!!

    Hint: There should be no insulation between an enclosed pipe (including a drain pipe) and the interior wallboard/flooring/ceiling paneling. Hint: The only way the unheated garage will ever get above outside temperature in winter is due to heat leakage or seepage from heated interior space...
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    How to add ground wires?

    (Simplified) A ground wire (equipment grounding conductor) may be run separately from the outlet in question to the panel holding the breaker for that branch circuit, exactly, approximately, or vaguely following the path of the circuit conductors. Should this new EGC first reach a fat ground...
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    Microwave Suddenly Stopped Working - Hot & Neutral Wires Reversed

    Branch circuits usually daisy chain from one receptacle to another, here, when getting to the receptacle behind the microwave oven. A loose connection could develop spontaneously in any of the outlet boxes along the daisy chain although a wire broken between outlet boxes is extremely rare. The...
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    Toilet Leak - Wax Ring Picture

    Before installing the new wax ring, test fit the toilet using a few layers of corrugated cardboard underneath so that its underside does not touch the floor flange. Use shims if needed. Then Then retest the toilet to be sure that it does not rock. Correct that using more or larger shims if...
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    wire for 12 v supply

    I think you will have excessive voltage drop. I came up with losing a little more than two of the 12 volts (about 20 percent) for drawing 1/2 amp at that distance (a little over 80' round trip). You will need 20 gauge or fatter wire.
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    Air hissing out of a closed outdoor faucet

    Sometimes a faucet can leak air but not leak water. Sooner or later the inside of the pipe will run out of air and the leakage can then stop. If it does not leak water then you can procrastinate on replacing it or repairing it further.
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    Hot water will not stay hot

    Try this: Slowly turn the temperature dial up a few notches and then slowly turn it back to where it was. If the heater kicks on and stays running for more than ten minutes then you probably have a sluggish thermostatic control. You might improve things if, after a few days of doing the above...
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    Do not put an extra . on the end of your email address.

    When you are writing sentences or text or prose or even poetry, if an email address or a web address (URL) is the last "word" of a sentence then do not put a period at the end. This inhibits computer error messages when an unwanted period got copied into the file name or address space on the screen.
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    Converting 2-unit to One

    Before you do it, consider keeping it as two separate electrical services. This would probably maintain the zoning as two family. Then if you decide to split the building into two units again, then the process would be easier.