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    spray polycrylic?

    it should work OK if you need to think if you can get XIM thinner it is better then water. XIM is like flotrol but much thinner. You may not need to thin just use enough pressure and get a full wet coat.
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    Furnace Blower just hums

    call me lazy, and part of the throw it out generation but I would think about replacing the cap or the motor. Older Capacitors (1980's and prior) can have PCB's in them :(
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    My painter only pained part of fascia.

    oh hell yeahs, little bit on the roofing gonna get covered up by the gutters anyway. my guess is he was going to come back and cut in and forgot or ran out of time
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    Noise proofing a common wall

    perhaps a blown in (foam) product might be acceptable?
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    Waterproofing Over Deck Joist

    this looks like Dryspace or the like. it is designed to go under decks and do exactly this. The stuff I have installed said it was not necessarily going to be 100% watertight. It sounds like it needs to be addressed from the top, but under the deck boards. Perhaps just a few of the boards...
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    1-800 GOT JUNK is a rip off

    around here you would be paying like $40 a load at the dump so that's $200 right there so $500 might be high but I'd do It all day for $300.
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    Hello From Upstate NY

    Glad to see you are really form upstate. I grew up in Ithaca and got tired of saying upstate NY and NYC people would say "like poughkeepsie"
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    Patio roof leaking near fireplace

    Tar is what you use in the rain when it's getting dark.
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    Repair 2" hole through brick wall

    It's a small hole in the wall, I don't know what everyone's issue is with caulk. It is a small hole I promise you there are holes all over that building sealed with caulk. I am not talking about crummy latex stuff. I am talking about serious caulk. The last big commercial project I worked on a...
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    Massachussetts -Lead Paint Removal

    the epa has a good section on lead stuff in general. Small areas are not a problem if you do the research and know the right methods. but professional abatement companies can often do it at a reasonable cost and are certainly the way to go for big projects. I'ts kind of like drywall. you could...
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    Repair 2" hole through brick wall

    I think a caulk would work. I would use a good quality exterior caulk. You could also buy a brick and crumble up some of the dust (or just get a little bit from the bottom of the pallet of bricks) and use that to put on the inside to make it less noticeable. I would shove a plastic bag in the...
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    Replacing Exterior Studs

    sometimes to beef things up a bit I cut 2x4 blocking to fit between the studs. I set these on the bottom plate nail them straight downinto the bottom plate and then nail through the stud into the blocking. And for rot/termites think of using a product like bora care or tim-bor
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    Old ungrounded two-prong outlets

    I have a house that is 1950's and so no grounded outlets (except for a few in the kitchen grounded with a 14GA wire run outside the romex) I was told by my friend (licensed electrician) that replacing those outlets with a GFCI is acceptable. Still no ground so should be labeled as such, but a...
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    Why are things so expensive???

    Yes it is the city workers who are making all the money, How much do you think they gave away (and continue to give away)to the football team? What about tax breaks for other types of pet projects? When in doubt, blame the unions.
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