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    Heating question

    Yes it does
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    Heating question

    so I have a oil furnace. Downstairs are water radiators and up stairs is floor board heat. My furnace seems to be running fine but the floorboards and radiators do not seem to be throwing off much heat at all. I have more then enough oil. Everything was fine I went away for the weekend and when...
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    Fireplace questions

    so my new home has a fireplace. It is brick and was wood burning but they added a gas line That you can light up . It hasnt been used in well over 10 years. I would love to throw some wood and light it up but anyway. I am going to have the chimney and everything inspected and cleaned before...
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    Plaster ceilings

    Thank you. Was just reading up about doing that and that seems to be the best option. I can get above the ceiling to the joists. Should I drill down next to them and it will show me where they all are and be able to secure it nicely?
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    Plaster ceilings

    so I came home to a leak in my roof that dropped into my plaster ceiling and caused it to cave in. My question is... should I rip out the plaster ceiling and drywall it or just patch the ceiling. I can rip out and put up drywall myself. Have never done plaster before so would ether give it a try...
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    New Jersey

    Thank you guys. And being that it was a family house my uncle did all the work and the plumbing and electrical was all up dated about 2 years ago.
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    New Jersey

    How’s interest going? I am 29 from NJ and just purchased my first home for me and my wife who is expecting our first child. I bought a single family home built in 1933 from a family memeber so it came cheap but needs some work. Most of the house is plaster and I am not to familiar with it...
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    Best bet to fix ceiling

    So I bought a house a week about and the living room is plaster and I think the room ceilings are wood with a skim count of plaster over them. Am I better off scraping it all down and redoing it again with plaster or pathing the spot and try matching the pattern or can I just scrape it all down...